Saturday, February 28, 2015

T-Mobile Email Address Not Working

If you have ever had a problem with My T-Mobile (the online portal), you will be able to relate to this post. For several years now I have gone back and forth with wireless carriers. Each time I switch I seem to encounter more problems than before.

So when it came time to cancel my T-Mobile contract, I was not optimistic about the changes. I called customer service trying to cancel. No help. Instead, the woman on the hotline asked me to email with all details. Many weeks after sending the message, there was still no response from the T-Mobile complaint department.

Why do companies insist on routing all communication through email address?

There is something about talking on the phone to your customers that is lost in today's society. Of course the company has an official contact form that you can use, but who wants to do that? I'm sure it's easier for them to manage, but not their customers.

Email is still the most used form of communication today, but does it work for situations like changing your wireless contact? Cell phones are an immediate tool. We use them every day to call, text, or tweet. My cell phone allows me to respond in seconds, not days and weeks. So is email really the best way to deal with me? Why not just call me on the phone.

For billion dollar companies like T-Mobile the outsourcing choice has already been made. Automate as much as possible, route customers through a process that leaves them dizzy and frustrated. It's clear to me there is a huge opportunity here for personal service to make a comeback.

The problem with many customer service departments today is that they think about themselves first. Instead what would happen if the customer was #1? What would happen if saving one customer was more valuable than saving one dollar?

People have written negative reviews for thousands of years. Maybe in the next hundred years we will finally begin to take them seriously. For me, the lesson is that email addresses like simply don't solve the problem. They only create more frustration.

I finally hear back from a customer service representative via email at T-Mobile. When I saw the email in my inbox it was amazing to think about the delay between when I sent it and when I received the reply.

Are you able to contact T-Mobile? Leave your comment.