Monday, July 25, 2016

Zaktek Warranty is a Scam Do Not Buy It

My name is Angela Marie Trim, as a respected company who sales thousands of cars every year, I love what you're doing for your customers, however, I am very disappointed with one of your companies; Midway Nissan in Phoenix Arizona. And in particular the Zaktek warranty.

I love the vehicles you provide and sale for your customers. Four years ago I had to complain to the Nissan Better Business Bureau concerning Patrick that work at Midway, and now four years later I am write your company a letter once more to them, as well as your company Zaktek.

After being scammed into buying the protection plan, I found out you cannot cancel it. Finally, I found their information online to complain. FYI: here is the contact info for Zaktek.

Corporate office: 8333 Royal Ridge Pkwy Suite 100, Irving, Texas 75063
Phone number: 844-4ZAKTEK (844-492-5835)

The Nissan dealership around Phoenix Arizona area as well as many customers are aware of how Midway is and the deceitfulness as a company, and how they do just about anything to sale vehicle and yet they are a successful company. They push Zaktek on everyone. I request that someone from your company look into the practice of the way they are dealing with some of their customers.

Ok, enough about Zaktek and back to the problems with Nissan...

On Saturday October 31, 2015 I went to Walmart and met a young man who was passing out flyers for the dealership that were having a tent sale, the young man told me to ask for James Corbet a salesman for Nissan Midway, he was very nice to me. I did not realize it at the time, which dealership it was until they called me to come in and sign the final papers over again.

Joe NG did my finances papers, he promised me many things like giving me Gap for a cheaper price from Sam Club members at fourteen dollars, nonetheless, I am not a SAMs club member but he is, however it was over three hundred when he added to the final papers. The next day he called me in to sign the final paper, my understanding I was under the impression I signed the final papers at the tent sale.

At first, I thought he was treating me well until I talked to them about how they got the prices and interest rates for the 2014 Nissan Rogue. They informed me that my trade in of 5000.00 on my 2006 Nissan Altima at 10% because of my credit score. At the time it had 44,099 miles when I pursued it.

Edward Brown did the credit check; he informed the salesman James that my credit score was 571 which in fact it was 633 at the time, and informed me that I would have to pay 378.00, they did not inform me that extra services and fee like the Zaktek to protect my paint.

My SUV has scratches and dents and as is. I was very adamant about informing Joe NG that I did not want the Zaktek, he told me that I needed it and that Nissan request all their customers to have it so that the paint will not fade or get oxidation; I felt as if I was made to have this service. I also told him I had insurance on my old Nissan, however, he signed me any way for the insurance that Midway the company say they pay for that I told him I did not need and if I did not sign the papers I could not get the vehicle.

When I went in to sign the final papers, they took away my Gap insurance and lowed my payment from 374 to 364, and raised my Interest rate from 10% to 10.81 %.

The next day I had questions and went in to talk to Edward Brown, however, he did not speck to me he sent another person to talk to me. At first this person was patient with me and could not explain how they got the five thousand and some change interest rate or the price because none of it made sense to me, he went and got Joe NG to explain it to me and he became frustrated with me then stormed out the room, and the financial manger Van came in and explained everything.

I had a better understanding except the five thousand interest rate the people at Midway said the bank charges customers. I tried to trade in my new vehicle at another Nissan in Avondale but found out I could not ever buy a used car again unless I pay this one off, Midway has screwed me because I took out a loan for the amount of sixteen thousands.

Please tell me how Trudy from Nissan Avondale was going to sale me a brand new car 2015 Altima with 5 miles on it, take my trade in of my 2014 Nissan Rouge that had 44 thousand mile on it, she pulled my credit score that was 633, and they were giving me a 7% interest rate, but because I own so much on my SUV my payment were going to be 464.00 and the lowest Midway could give me is 10.81 % interest rate. I am asking for someone to redo and look over my paper work that Midway has done thanks.