Sunday, November 13, 2016

1-866-282-8977 — Macy's Consumer Protection Number

I went shopping on line to buy me three sandals and take advantage of the one day sale today and I used three different gift cards to purchase these sandals. Everything went through successfully with no problem.

A while after I received an email advising me that my order was not processed and it was cancelled and I was asked to call the Macy's Consumer Protection team at 1-866-282-8977 to resolve the issue and I did.

I spoke to a CS associate by the name of Reim and told her my reason for my call and asked her why my order went through but them to be cancelled later on, she /he cannot give me a straight answer and advised me that she will contact the EGC department to find out the reason.

then I spoke to another lady and she verified that my funds are still in my gift card and I asked this second lady why my order was cancelled and again she cannot tell me the reason why? So again I was left with unanswered question.

I called again and demanded to speak with a Supervisor or Manager so I can get to the bottom of this and  know the reason. I spoke with Mary at this phone number 1-800-289-6229 and again just like the two people I spoke to cannot give me an explanation why my order was cancelled when in fact my gift cards were fine.

In light of this events, I am not sure not if I will ever shop at Macy's if your people cannot give me a straight answer to my complaint of what I needed.

I love Macy's but with this treatment I am a very unhappy/unsatisfied customers and this is not good for Macy's image.  I have to give a second thought now if I will shop at Macy's again.