Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Complaint Letter to Comcast Corporate Headquarters

Here is my complaint letter to Comcast regarding a discrepancy in billing and intense encounter with your employee Brian employee number 3bn. I have tried to look online for help but nothing seems to work. Here is my story!

When Brian saw me and Lorna walk in he was very courteous and asked us over to the counter to help us out with our billing issue. Everything was fine, Brian was professional and courteous while Lorna was posing the questions concerning the discrepancy in the billing.

He replied he will do what he can to help and as well refund any over charges. I let her do the talking. While they were looking over the Comcast billing I was looking over my right shoulder at the big screen TV you have in the sitting section. We had been looking at many cable television providers lately online. I then again turned my attention to the conversation because I could hear tension in his voice and as well my wife's voice.

As he tried to explain that there appeared not to be any issues other than a missing payment, I asked him as I asked you why is it that we have an overdue balance when we have made payments promptly and on time expressing that we drop off payment in the envelope Comcast provides with the payment in the form of a check. Now I see there are other customers with billing complaints online.

He responded that you cannot expect us to process your payment in a timely order if you drop it off like that. I said why not? We drop it off early in the day and he then in a very terse manner becoming visibly animated he replied that we cannot expect you to process it right away and would be the last in line to have it processed.

Further stating at times it is not even processed that day due to work loads. At that moment I said do not speak to me in that manner of a tone, I said you are appearing as if you are blaming us for it being processed in a late manner. At that moment he replied I will speak to you in any manner I wish to, and if you do not like it you can leave, I can have you assisted out of here.

I then replied again to him do not speak to me in that manner, he then became very animated and shot around the desk as if he were going to grab me himself and escort me out of the premises stating I am going to have to ask you to leave or I will have you escorted out at that point he was raising his voice quite audibly and I as well in return raised my voice back to him stating I want to see a manager and I am not going to allow you to speak to me in this manner.

He then angrily and very loudly replied I will call the police and HAVE YOU REMOVED!!! I was stunned at that point, I thought to my self what on earth is his problem. I then asked him why would you do that? He replied BECAUSE YOU THREATENED ME!! Again I paused stunned, and then said really? I thought about a reddit thread at that point, you always hear about these things happened but figure they will never happen to you!

I said tell me exactly what it was that I said that was a threat? Well there was no answer to that, and so I said to him calmly call the police. I figured I wanted them there as a matter of record because for one I knew I did not threaten him in any manner. Two I did not instigate a confrontation with him. Once I said call the police he completely stopped his behavior like a deer stuck in headlights not knowing what to do at that point.

I then said I want your name to file a complaint with Comcast and he yelled back at me fine! I will file against you too! Never in my life have I seen such behavior out of anyone I have dealt with in customer service, especially Comcast. I then said let me speak to a manager and off he bolted saying ok I will get you the manager right now! He comes back out with another fella in tow and right at that moment as I am looking at him thinking ok I get to speak to the manager, you Laura Camirand took control of the situation.

You stepped right up and asked what was the issue and I told you it was a billing issue and you calmly said come to my office and lets see if we can get it squared away. You were professionally courteous and as well you instantly de escalated the situation. Just as I turned to follow you, your employee Mike employee number 3bn said to me in a tough guy manner I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU.

I was stunned I thought to myself what on earth is this guys issue to act like a bully using intimidating tactics because of some honest questions that seemed to spiral him into a frenzy. My thoughts are even if a Comcast customer is upset it is his responsibility to keep things calm and try to figure out what the issue is. When he said I am not afraid of you, you were within ear reach of his comment as well several other employees standing there to take action if needed, as well my wife so there were several witnesses to his statement. I tried to contact the complaint department of Comcast on Twitter but no response was heard.

I chose to not respond to his juvenile comment and followed you to your office. Now I will admit I was caught off guard and I never lose my control in a situation like that, but as he escalated the intimidation and bully measures I was not about to put up with that kind of behavior as a customer who only came in to find out why we had a discrepancy in the billing.

My question for you Laura lets say I was wrong in my response to him and I know I was not. My thought on the matter is why is it, that you in split seconds took full control over the situation stepped right up asked a simple question, what is the problem? This immediately made me think of writing a letter the Comcast corporate service department.

I said we have a discrepancy in the billing, you immediately replied follow me to my office and we will get it figured out, as we started to walk away your Comcast employee Mike still could not let it go and said to me in a very bully tough guy like manner in a hushed tone I am not afraid of you. My question would be why would a customer service agent speak to a customer in that manner making that statement which my wife heard and he do so after you completely calmed things down?

He acted like a thug. Me and my wife were incredibly shook up over the matter, I actually was concerned that Mike your employee was going to lay his hands on me and even almost  indicated that he was going to do just that as he came around the desk. I am very concerned that one of your employees that acted in a intimidating bullying manner stating in a challenging manner once the situation was calm after your interjection stated I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU.

My concern is that this individual has access to our personal information, our phone number and home address with Comcast. They are a big company now that I look at their info. Now once we were brought by you into your office I tried to explain to you what had just happened and you replied that it was highly unusual for him to respond like that and it appeared you did not want to discuss the matter further.

As you worked on the billing issue I then thought about you having the camera system monitoring the lobby and service desks. I asked you then about it and said I would like to have someone review the tape of the encounter with Mike employee number 3bn. I was not at fault in the manner and when your employee would not change his tone of intimidation and after asking him to not speak to me in that manner was when he began to raise his voice and I then in return did so as well.

When I finally got to express some of this to you in your office you said he was brought from your Auburn office because he was one of the higher quality employees and as well admitted part of his response may be due to how terrible it is at the Auburn facility due to the majority of disgruntled customers you get at at that office and then you implied he may still be responding as if he was working at the auburn office. Me and my wife both at that moment said to you  are you saying it is something like post traumatic stress disorder and you replied yes, something like that and restated how bad it was.

I feel that in no way I instigated any confrontation with Mike in any form, and when he began to raise his tone of voice as if he was becoming angry with me I asked him not to speak to me in that manner. It was then he became very animated towards me and the rest is as I expressed above. I feel Mike owes me and my wife an apology for his behavior, it was unprofessional and my question to you would be this. Why is Comcast customer service so very bad?

If it was that easy for you to take full control of the situation and separate us from him why is it that he did not have the same capacity to do that very same thing and still would not let the matter go stating to me I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU! That is not normal behavior, that is acting like a thug. My concern here is that this situation will not be evaluated in an unbiased manner. And was the reason for me expressing that I will be filing a complaint with cooperate.

I will look into finding out who is the Comcast regional manager and see if we can bring some sort of resolve to this matter. To have one of your employees act out in the manner he did is a frightening poor customer service to any Comcast customer and I want to make sure it does not happen to anyone else again.

My concern was during the moment he came around the desk it appeared he was going to grab me by my arm himself and forcibly escort me off the premises and for only wanting to know why there was a discrepancy in the billing. I expect to see some sort of disciplinary action with Mike and a formal apology for the anguish and suffering he caused me and my wife.

We both were so shaken up after the incident both our hands were shaking. Again my concern is that this individual has access to our personal information. I will be keeping a copy of this letter and look to see where I can submit this to the regional manager. If this does not get a fair inquiry and investigation into the matter I will seek advise.