Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sprint Customer Service Number Hours? Good Luck With That

I have been a Sprint customer since 2000 and have had very few customer complaints about Sprint or it's service. I recently took advantage of my upgrade eligibility and got a new cell phone Saturday.

I was told of the contract and plan information and was also told that I would be charged a $36.00 activation fee.I have a $412 credit with Sprint and have been trying to collect for several months.

All the 1-800 Sprint customer service numbers send you to a non American answering service that puts you on indefinite holds with no solutions. Shame on Sprint and definitely something to consider when looking for a cell phone!

This is not new news to me, I would hope that since I am a loyal customer that Sprint would waive this one time activation fee in lieu of my loyalty of 15 years. This could be a way that Sprint could give back to and retain it's loyal cell phone customers.

I purchased a new phone in and the Sprint customer service representative that helped me was aware that I only wanted what my old account had on it because I do not use my cell phone other than normal calls that I need to make. I do not need texting, other callers on one line limited megabytes etc. He assured me that he would make sure I received what I was asking for.

However that did not happen and I received a huge bill for $104 vs the normal $37-40 dollar bill I normally pay. I explained to him that if what I did not request was not honored that I would return the phone. Is there anyone that I can speak to in order to settle the situation that I am in please? I have been a Sprint customer for many years now.

Next, I was waiting on hold all night speaking to a Sprint customer service representative, trying to make a payment on the extension that was given to me. The extension was for the amount of $133 payed by 2/26/16 when i told the rep about the automated system wanting me to pay both the past due and the present amount she would nut listen and made me pay the full amount.

I am very upset about this issue i have never had such horrible service, then they continued to call my phone. I am very upset and may leave sprint because of this issue.

My husband I have been Sprint customers for over 20 years. I am writing this on my husbands behalf because I am seriously afraid that he might have a heart attack from dealing with you. He called today to inform you that the sprint store told my son in late August that his phone needed to go to an apple store to get fixed.

My son who at the time was away at college got a ride to an apple store where they looked up his account and told him they could not fix it and there was nothing they could do. We had insurance on the phone, however, he was not aware of that and no one at either store bothered to tell him that. So he took an old phone of his and put his service on that old phone.

When he came home at Christmas he told us what happened which is why my husband has spent 3 hours on the phone with Sprint customer service all today. They are now telling us that the insurance isn't good any more since it has been over 60 days. We are trying to find out why in the world sprint would not tell him about his insurance or the apple store would not tell him about the insurance.

We are wondering how Sprint corporation has no customer service or no loyalty. Again, we are so disappointed in your lack of customer service. It seems you owe us a huge apology and a new phone. ...but we have yet to get either. My husband got transferred over and over again and got nowhere. Please tell me that Sprint is going to do the right thing.

That they are going to send my son a new phone and apologize that they took advantage of a kid that was away from home. I have been a loyal customer for many years now. I have persuaded several people to move to Sprint. (And, no, I didn't give them my account number or ask that I get "credit" for doing so.) However, this past year, I have had less than satisfactory customer service in the store and on the phone.

And I have talked to a lot of people. When I talked with another Sprint rep today, she stated that I hadn't called in July of this year, when I know good and well I did. Not my fault someone didn't note it.

As soon as I possibly can, I will be canceling my Sprint account and going to a different carrier, hopefully within the next six months if not sooner.

As far as I am concerned, you have violated our contract with Sprint. Sprint no longer cares about loyal customers, only new accounts. And then gladly forgets about them and goes on to the next new account. You no longer care about loyalty. I will be telling everyone how I was treated and how badly Sprint has failed.

I am totally done with Sprint!