Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Complaints from Target, Walmart, and Best Buy

First, my thanksgiving complaints start with Walmart. I went to the Walmart store in Stephenville, Texas on Thanksgiving to shop for some of the bargains that they had.  After I had gathered my things and got to the cash register.

I watched as they made us stand in line a good ways from the cash register--they called a person whom they wanted to go to the cash register.

I asked what was their system because I had been in line before several of the ones that they called before me--she said I don't know we call the ones  that we see --I am not sure.

After standing in line for over 45 minutes  and after I said what I did I was next to go.  I got to the cash register and I handed them a Black Friday ad from Target and the lady at the register took the ad and proceeded to apply the price.

I went to pay for the merchandise, it was over $500 she had to call someone because the cash register was beeping and the CSR came and they decided that it was my DSL 3 and the games that  was the problem. 

So the CSR informed me that they would not match the ad. She informed me that since it was their Black Friday blockbuster ad, she would not match it. And she asked if I wanted to buy the merchandise at Walmart corporate office prices. 

I informed her no because I could go to Target and get it. The CSR rolled her eyes at me --it is strange how supposedly grown up people can act so much like little children. My complaint is why in the world do you not honor the ads. This company have always honored the ads in the past-why do you chose when you want to and not?

I am very upset with this Walmart store. I should have given her my whole basket of merchandise back--it was over $200 without  the other merchandise. I spend a good amount of money at Walmart every week and  I can take my business somewhere else. I can drive another 30 miles to go to a Target store or go to the dollar stores.

I just don't understand this, last year I was able to use my ads. Please respond to me! I am going to post my complaint about this store  in other places on my new computer that I had purchased from Walmart-but I will not buy another one from you.

Then, on Black Friday Thursday night (Nov, 24th) around 10:30 p.m. I was at the Target at Cox Road in Gastonia. I was in the electronic section patiently waiting in line to check out for the young man whose name is Chris to start ringing me up however while I was waiting this lady started to put her items on the counter and this young man clearly saw me right in front of him.

I was next in line but he decided to act like I was invisible and unaware of me standing right in front of him so he began to ring the other lady who was behind me and completely ignored me.

I had to wait over 10 minutes for this rude, disrespectful Chris. He acted like it was no big deal about what he had just done and he was obviously not sincere when he apologized for me having to wait. Target customer service should not have rude, disrespectful and unprofessional people such as Chris working on a busy shopping day like Black Friday.

I was 10th person in line on Black Friday at Target and I stood there for 4 hrs. For the hover board and beats headphones, I also asked your associates about the these items they assured me that there were lots of them in the store.

I got in and there were 3 and 7 of the beats its ridiculous that I stood there for that log to not get what I came for I am so displeased how I was lied to. I won't ever shop at target again for the way I was treated. I was a loyal customer.

Also was really upset with Walmart. I called Walmart on 1040 Malabar rd Palm Bay Florida Thanksgiving morning they said they would be open 24 hours so I went online & the website said don't wait for black Friday shop now so I bought a t.v. for my 6 year old daughter because her t.v. broke.

She was so excited. I also bought dish soap, toilet paper & batteries. A few items I wanted to buy online were not available for pick up so I removed them & decided to buy them at the store. I had just got my H&R Block advance on my income tax an planned on doing a big shopping at Walmart.

When I got there they put all my items in front of me & said you can't have them come back tomorrow. I asked for the manager & he said sorry we can't give them to you. We can't ring them up. I said I paid for them is there anything you can do to help out. The manager told my daughter 6 years old sorry you can't watch tv today Thanksgiving is ruined.

I could have just walked in the store & bought these items. I was so upset I was there over an hour looking at the items I bought & they said they can't even return them so I could just buy them. I was so disappointed I left without buying all the things I was going to buy.

All the shoppers were like we can't believe this. My daughter cried tears all day & Thanksgiving was ruined. We were so upset and just cant believe this. I am a huge Walmart shopper & now I don't feel good about this place any more & I want everyone to know. This should bot have happened to  family on Thanksgiving.

Next, I had problems this week at Best Buy. I bought a Samsung 40" TV in may of 2016. In October images on the screen began to turn green whenever it was on. I returned it to store in Kingston N.Y.  After it was there for 4 or 5 days it was shipped to N.J.for repair. After approx. 2 weeks I called the store to inquire on the status of my TV.

The person on the Best Buy geek squad who answered the phone was rude and insisted that it was my problem to call company headquarters or go online to find where the tv was. In short he did not want to be bothered. I did go online and made several calls to the 800 phone number before finding out that the tv was repaired but no one in N.J. had bothered to send it back to Kingston.

The next day 11/23/16 I received a robotic call that the TV was in Kingston for pickup. I went to the store on 11/25/16 and when I went to the service counter was told that the geek squad was closed and to come back. I explained that I had driven approx. 40 miles and could not come back. The attitude behind the counter gave me the impression that I was asking for the impossible.

When I asked the person why he could not walk 20 feet to the room where the repaired items were and bring a fifteen pound tv out, he stomped off and after 15 minutes of hiding in the back returned with my tv. When I asked to speak with the manager he too acted as if I were interrupting their quiet time.

After leaving the store I discovered they had not returned the remote for the tv. When I attempted to contact the store by phone, none of the complaint departments would pick up the phone. A call to the 800 number was equally frustrating. As of right now I am unable to use the tv without a remote. This has been an infuriating experience to say the least.

I recently tried to purchase a Black Friday roaster oven for $4.96 as the sign said over the boxes at the Wal-Mart in Lockhart TX.  When I got to checkout, however, the price rang up as $24.97 even though the price was clearly marked on the sign.  5 of us were in line to purchase this product and all were told that it was a "mistake".

Walmart's mistake. When I asked to speak to the store manager, I was not permitted to do so and the flunky named Wes who did talk to me told me he could take $3 off the price.  Not what the sign said.  I won't go back.  And I've shopped at Walmart for years.  I'll go to Target instead.  They at least honor their pricing.  Walmart used to.