Thursday, August 25, 2016

Constantly Calling Sprint Customer Care Phone Number

I've had to call sprint customer care at least 10 times in the last 2 days to get my upgrade on a purchase through Best Buy. I paid out my plan for an early upgrade for both mine and my son's phone. I was admitted to the hospital for cardiac reasons. When my son went to Best Buy to Pre-order his phone on Thursday my line was eligible for the upgrade.

Problems with Sprint Family Plan Customer Service

Been a Sprint customer for over 5+ years on a family plan. My mom finally decided to take her business elsewhere after herself having numerous issues. (Dropped calls, months of bad service while new towers where being installed, bill issues and to cap it off let's just say being on phone with customer service for 4 hours, for a situation which was then resolved by stopping in a store for 10 minutes).

Reporting Broken Galaxy S4 to Sprint Customer Service

Back in January, I called Sprint customer service and informed them that I had accidentally broken my Galaxy S4 phone by dropping it.  At this time, I also asked them to turn off my phone since the phone was no longer functional and I had already purchased a phone with a different service carrier.  Sprint kept that phone on and has kept sending me bills for up to $401.00 and they have even gone so far as to report me to a credit collection agency.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sprint's Cut Your Bill in Half Scam Promotion

I am researching ways to reduce my phone bill.  I discovered Sprint's cut your bill in half promotion.  I uploaded a PDF of my bill ($177.78, which includes taxes and surcharges) and was sent a quote for $105.75. Not exactly half my bill but it still sounded great. Then I read the small print. This quote does not include taxes and surcharges. Also, it does not include any monthly payment plans for purchasing a phone. That's OK. We pay $18 a month for one phone.

Sprint Customer Service Number Hours? Good Luck With That

I have been a Sprint customer since 2000 and have had very few customer complaints about Sprint or it's service. I recently took advantage of my upgrade eligibility and got a new cell phone Saturday. I was told of the contract and plan information and was also told that I would be charged a $36.00 activation fee.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Delta Airlines Overcharges Customers $125 Bag Fees

I was charged $125 by Delta billing department for my suitcase as they said is was over weight by 13 pounds but I could not at the time take anything out cause I had nothing to carry it with. I paid $25 for the same suitcase in Fort Lauderdale on the way up and $125 for the way back same weight and suitcase, doesn't make sense.

Delta Airlines Customer Service Was Unacceptable

I normally am not too irritated and never complain regarding moderately delayed Delta flights.  However, the hassle I experienced on Friday May 29th trying to get home to Chicago, IL (ORD) from San Antonio, TX (SAT) was just unacceptable customer service.  I am not oblivious to the plight of airline operations.  There was a door light on so we had to do an emergency stop in Des Moines, IA.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Avoid the GM "Mr. Goodwrench" Service Plan Scam

I had an air conditioner replaced on my 1999 Chevrolet Blazer at 108,000 miles.  This was done at Patriot Motors, Hopkinsville, KY under the Mr. Goodwrench program under General Motors customer service department.  This program warranted repair to several major items, including the air conditioning system, where as long as you owned the vehicle any repair would be made to correct a problem with GM furnishing the parts and the dealer furnishing the labor.

General Motors Safety Recall Complaints Are Terrifying

I find it absolutely negligent and asinine you at General Motors headquarters in Detroit do not acknowledge the power steering issues with 2010 Chevy Malibu.  The parts used in this model year are the same ones used in the 2009 Chevy Malibu, and although those parts have been recalled for being faulty, they are not being recalled for those in the 2010 Malibu.

Nissan Safegap GAP Insurance Not Covering Loan

One 12/1/2015 my vehicle was stolen. The appropriate documentation was submitted to my insurance company, Nissan and Safegap to cover my loan. The date today is 2/6/2016 and my claim with Safegap has yet to be processed due to additional documentation which has already been submitted Nissan corporate headquarters and Safegap.

How I Emailed Nissan Corporate to Complain

Hello Nissan Corporate, Below is the email I sent to Nissan Buena Park, Ca. I thought you should be aware of the multiple complaints I have had since they were safety related. Please read my experience below so you can hopefully come together as a company come up with better solutions for vehicle safety issues and how they are handled.

Zaktek Warranty is a Scam Do Not Buy It

My name is Angela Marie Trim, as a respected company who sales thousands of cars every year, I love what you're doing for your customers, however, I am very disappointed with one of your companies; Midway Nissan in Phoenix Arizona. And in particular the Zaktek warranty.

Problems with Nissan Cars Breaking Down Frequently

Purchased a 2005 Nissan Xterra a little less than 2 years ago took it in to be flushed problems stopped for a while  found out the transmission and antifreeze were mixing together called Nissan customer service for help they went thru the motions as the have done with countless other people found out this is a very common problem with their cars sorry no help from the company.

Ford Made in Mexico Junk Motor Company

What happened is ford moved another factory to Mexico. I was a ford man but I am not any longer! Keep your vehicles and don't bring them to America. I will never own a ford again. My friends all feel the same and were going to spread our complaints all over that ford sold out to Mexico. Good luck selling your junk in Mexico. Here is why it's so dangerous to produce cars and trucks in another country.

Ford Produces Poor Quality Trucks and Cars

Ford motor company is now seeing lots of complaints created from customers like me. That's because they have dropped off in terms of quality of product. Here are several Ford customer service horror stories over the last ten years.

2009 Honda CR-V Complaint with Mechanical Problems

I have been having mechanical problems with a 2009 Honda CR-V. I found the car via the internet, at Baron Honda in Patchogue, New York. Now I am ready to file a complaint with Honda corporate based on the poor customer service I have received across the board. Here is what happened. On 1/31/16 I went to Baron Honda and took it for a test drive and really liked the vehicle.  I then spoke with salesman Jack.

Indiana Honda Dealership Caught Using Deceptive Sales Practices

The auto dealership Victory Honda of Muncie, in Muncie Indiana is notorious for trying to push auto services onto their customers. Case in point is the Honda Fit. This dealership informs their customers that they need to have a power steering flush.  The Honda Fit uses Electronic Powering Steering System.

Angry Over Best Buy Return Problems

I wanted to express my displeasure with a Best Buy return problem. My husband and myself purchased an Over the Range Microwave for Christams on Dec. 20 (order BBY01-774861021619). With the Holidays and having other appliances being delivered, we did not take out of the box until mid January.

Problems with Best Buy Chat Support [Transcript]

I had a horrible experience with Best Buy customer chat. First I chatted with roy then with supervisor elman, very disappointed that $30 would make me never use best buy again. I attached the transcript below.

Reporting Poor Best Buy Customer Service to Corporate

So I have been a long time customer of Best Buy and would consider myself a very fair person. Over the last week I have spent $2,000+ in two different Best Buy locations (purchased two laptops, accessories and a video game). One of the laptops I purchased was found on a competitors website two days later for $110 less than what I paid for it.

My Complaint to Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy

This is a copy of an email I also sent to Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy, about their Rewards program. Dear Mr. Joly, I am writing to you to file a consumer complaint with your Rewards program. I was most pleased when I made a couple large purchases recently at my local Best Buy store in Chicago and subsequently received $405 in Rewards certificates.

Best Buy Geek Squad Just Lost a Customer

Around noon on 24-Jul-2016 I went into Best Buy with my 4 year old personal computer to get it looked at due to it beeping and having a black screen.  I entered the store and moved to the Geek Squad customer service area.  In this area I was asked if I had an appointment to which I stated no.  You see it has been a couple of years since the last time I used the Squad but at that time there was no appointment slots in the process.

Comcast $500 Scam Visa Gift Card Package

I received a flyer from Comcast headquarters and I went into the office at Harrisburg, PA to order the package that would qualify me for the Visa Gift Card of $500. I was told the package I ordered qualified me for the gift card and that I would receive the card when I made my first payment and that never happened. I was told later that I would receive my gift card after 3 payments made on time.

My Letter to the Comcast Corporate Office

I am writing a letter to the Comcast corporate office because I was contacted by Comcast a few months back. I was asked if I would like to receive an updated box and the cost would remain the same. I received the new box returned the old one received a confirmation email, and then the bill started going up and up and up.

My 2nd Complaint Against Comcast Customer Service

This is my second complaint against Comcast Cable in less than 3 months. I moved apartments back in September of 2015. My cable never worked since then. I contacted Comcast several times on the phone- each representative was absolutely going to call me back, never received a call from any of them.

Can't Make Comcast Monthly Payments on Website

By mistake I made two payments on the website as they didn't appear to be processing on the website.  Two payments were scheduled in the system.   I do not have 531 in my bank at this current time and is going to overdraft my account. 

A Letter to Tom Karinshak, Comcast CEO

Tom Karinshak, Unbelievable! Once again, I have had Comcast service pull my pants down.  On 2/26/16, I contacted Comcast corporate headquarters to upgrade my cable package to Preferred. Your representative told me that she had it all taken care of and that rather than send a tech out to exchange my equipment.

Disput with Comcast Termination Fees for Early Cancelations

I am writing to you today in the hopes that we can resolve a dispute I now have with Comcast regarding an erroneous and illegal early termination fee being applied to my account unfairly. In January of this year, I lost my job and had to downgrade my cable portion of my cable/internet bundle. I could only afford the internet.

Comcast Customer Service Gets a One Star Rating

1 star is too much for Comcast customer service.  On 4/7/2016 a technician arrived to check on my slow internet speeds. He checked my equipment (working perfectly) and replaced the cable leading from my home but my internet speed was still slow. Instead of investigating it further to find the problem he stated he had to leave to his next appointment and would be back afterwards....he never came back.

Comcast CEO and CFO Compensation is Rediculously High

I am unhappy that Comcast cannot work out a agreement with the yes channel. Corporate has a lot nerve telling 900,000 people that they cannot watch the Yankees anymore because as you say it they want to much of an increase. Yet Comcast can pay their CFO 40.6 million in compensation and the CEO 36.5 million in compensation. Don't you think there is something wrong with this picture. I have been a loyal Comcast customer for well over 25 years.