Thursday, August 25, 2016

Problems with Sprint Family Plan Customer Service

Been a Sprint customer for over 5+ years on a family plan. My mom finally decided to take her business elsewhere after herself having numerous issues.

Dropped calls, months of bad service while new towers where being installed, bill issues and to cap it off let's just say being on phone with customer service for 4 hours, for a situation which was then resolved by stopping in a store for 10 minutes).

I decided to stay with Sprint though and get ownership of my # as an adult now, but before doing so I called to see what my monthly bill would be.

I was assured and guaranteed the bill would be $60 plus tax. So now I get my bill and it's $70 plus tax. I know it's only $10 but it adds up when on a budget and upsetting when I was assured what the price would be. When I called about it I was told there was nothing they can do and I was lucky it wasn't more since they just increased there cost.

I'm not happy at all with the service and think it's messed up at Sprint will have promotions with lots of savings for new customers but won't do anything to retain the customers it has. I plan on finding a new carrier and would not recommend Sprint to anyone and will do what I can to make sure no one else deals with this kind of service. First time I've ever wrote a complaint letter.

I have been a sprint customer for almost 5 years. I had a broken iPhone and sometime around Aug. 2015 I went to my local Sprint store to see about it being replaced as I had Insurance. They informed me that they couldn't do anything, that I had to take it to an iPhone store (which is 2 hours away) they also told me I had a huge deductible.

I was never informed of any of this when they sold me the insurance when I purchased iPhone. At this point I told them I had to have a phone, and the sales associate told me I could lease a Samsung S6 for only 20.00 a month, and that it required me to carry Insurance as long as I leased it. I was never informed how expensive this device was, or anything about the Insurance.

In Sep. I cracked my Samsung S6, the crack was small and the phone had no issues. By October 20 something I unplugged my phone and turned the power button on and had a black screen. After researching this phone I found that Samsung had black screen issues.

In the meantime I switched devices because although my phone still worked the screen was black. I was informed by Sprint to send it to Samsung, it was not there problem. So, off to Samsung it went. Only to find out weeks later they were blaming the issue on the crack.

I then went back to sprint to see about a claim on the insurance I was paying for. They said it was a 200.00 deductible, at the time I did not have that much money, so chose to continue to pay my insurance and use my other sprint phone until I decided whether to have it fixed or put a claim in. Sprint never told me that the day I switched devices that I had only 90 days to file my claim, nor did they bother to tell me that my insurance would not cover the device once it had been inactive.

I went back to this same sprint store here just a day ago, went to file the claim finally and was then informed it had to be within 90 days, so they could not put a claim in as I wasn't using the phone. This is Sprints phone, I am only leasing. Not only is it defective, I am not covered by an insurance policy I have continued to be billed for that is no good.

So, why was I not informed of all this before hand? Why didn't anyone explain any of this. Now I am stuck with a 600.00 phone that does not work, Samsung will not fix it, and the insurance wont cover it. I was manipulated, misinformed, lied to, and have been a loyal customer.

I am going to have to file suit against Sprint if this matter is not resolved. I want my phone replaced. I paid for the insurance and it should be covered. I can get no where with the insurance company. Sprint lied, and left out pertinent information.

If I had known I shouldn't have switched devices I would not have. I would have kept that phone on so I could file my claim within the 90 days. This is NOT my fault, and I want it fixed. I will be leaving sprint service if it is not cleared up, and I will never come back. I am disappointed and angry.