Monday, July 25, 2016

General Motors Safety Recall Complaints Are Terrifying

I find it absolutely negligent and asinine you at General Motors headquarters in Detroit do not acknowledge the power steering issues with 2010 Chevy Malibu.  The parts used in this model year are the same ones used in the 2009 Chevy Malibu, and although those parts have been recalled for being faulty, they are not being recalled for those in the 2010 Malibu.

That you can sit back in your cushy chairs, putting your trendy shoes up on your mahogany desks, smug and sure of yourself while owners of 2010 Chevy Malibu are finding themselves having to pay out of pocket to have their cars repaired when their power steering fails, makes me sick.  You are abhorrent individuals only concerned with fattening your wallets. 

You have no concern for the consumer.  I have to drive a 2010 Chevy Malibu with faulty power steering, every day hoping it isn't going to seize up while I'm driving, all because you refuse to acknowledge there is something wrong with the power steering.

How can you issue out recalls for earlier year models that have the same problem?  How come my car contains the same part found in the 2009 model year and yet is not included in any kind of safety recall? This link shares the recalls the NHTSA has listed for 2010 Chevy Malibu.  That the NHTSA shares this information but YOU, the manufacturer does not acknowledge them, is disgusting.

 I can guarantee you I will be suing you for substantial money should my 2010 Chevy Malibu be involved in an accident on account of the power steering going out on me while I am driving.  I guarantee you I am not the only consumer who feels this way.

I refuse to pay out of pocket to have my vehicle repaired when it is your responsibility.  You purchased those power steering parts, you installed them, and you know they are faulty.  I am disgusted and I am disheartened by your greed and lack of action.  When I enter the VIN for my car, the only recall shown is for the third brake light. I care about my power steering!  I care about getting to and from work safely. 

These are things you clearly do not care about.  You are disgusting individuals and you have my word I will never again purchase a GM product.  When I am done paying off my 2010 Chevy Malibu (should I survive to do so, given the faulty power steering), you have my word I will be sending this vehicle off to be demolished.  It is a moving death trap.

I cannot wait to see you writhing and crying when the lawsuits for your negligence on this begin showing up.  You are disgusting as a company and as individuals.  You make me sick. 

I received a recall notice for my 2009 G6 in the mail notifying me of a serious problem with the power steering.  I have just started experiencing this particular problem when my power steering will just cut out out of nowhere.

I drive over 100 miles a day with a toddler in the vehicle and this is a very potential dangerous problem due to the fact it is winter, and driving in the snow with no power steering is a serious problem.  I was advised however by my local GM dealer that this problem could not be fixed no charge for me, due to my car being 1000 miles over the 150,000 mile mark.  I have had this car for two years. 

Seriously GM!  1000 miles over!  This is a dangerous malfunction on your end, and because I purchased this car with pretty significant mileage already, my children and I are just forced to deal with it, as we can't afford to replace it ourselves.  Thanks a lot for thinking of the American families.

I received a notice for my 2011 Silverado on April 14 2016 stating that there is a problem with rear springs breaking and that the warranty has been extended out to 5 years  or 100000 miles. Sure enough I have a broken spring.

I contacted the dealer and they tell me my warranty expired in January. Asking why I received this notice 4 months after my extended warranty expired,   I got(  I don't know.) I contacted customer service and talked with Morgan (very helpful) she started a claims form (8-19-3494-1247) and stated that the dealer was to contact me.

Morgan contacted me a second time but not the dealer. Morgan also found out for me that the broke spring notice was sent out earlier but it went to the first owner of the truck not me, the second owner. Is it my fault that it got sent to the wrong address? It has been a week already I need some answers. I did not buy the truck to have it sitting in my garage.

I am very unhappy that I contacted GM in regards to an issue with a dealership called Hertrich, Buick, GMC in Seaford Delaware.  I am very unsatisfied that my contract was breached. The GM a David Wackett and Mr. Hertrich were well aware of the issues.

He knew that they were supposed to buy out my old lease which was a Hyundai Santa Fee 2013. They owed the Hyundai dealership $7,030.47 and they claim they were going to fix the issue and haven't resolved it. They keep changing their story constantly and nothing has been done to fix the problem.

It does not take over 20 days to call a company and finish a pay off. Communication isn't the key when you play games. The Hyundai dealership has their $14,000 check. They act like they can't get in touch with anyone at corporate finance to resolve the issue.  Well it won't take me long to go to the media next. I guess you condone bad business and poor representation!