Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Comcast "Triple Play" Customer Horror Story

I would give 'no stars' if I could. Ever since I had Comcast's "Triple Play" (3-services - cable tv, phone and internet) installed at my residence, I have had nothing but trouble with the whole pkg. My cable goes down (where I have re-boot) about once a month. Phone is garbled (incoming voices on calls made to me) intermittently and never has been trouble-free.

And the internet has been up/down since installation. But the straw to break the camels-back comes next. This Triple Play pkg. was 'supposed' to be $99/month for 2-yrs. On the 1-yr. anniversary, I get the bill and it's increased about 35% (more fees, charges, etc.).

I call Comcast and they tell me I didn't sign up for that plan, wtf? I have all the original literature (in a nice booklet that they sent me and it does state the Triple Play pkg. and the pricing contract - in plain print/English, I tell them). I offer to scan this information and send to them. They reply with since I "was not on a contract, I could not get the $99/mo. for another 12-months".

I say, wtf to Comcast on Twitter, I have payed for 12-months and told (initially) I would be obligated for 24 months (which I had no issue with). So, wtf again? They kept denying I had a 24-month contract. So, they basically broke the contract and denied me the remainder of it.

The best they could do (I finally spoke to a "mgr") would be to accept the 'new offer', which was $109/month for 12 additional months. Wtf? We have a 24-month contract, I say. You (Comcast) are now in breach of that contract.

Well, wtf again? To that, the Comcast company manager says that is the "best they can do"? Wtf, we had a 24-month CONTRACT? So, I tell the mgr. I want to cancel the cable tv portion (ONLY) of the service. I get transferred to the "cancellation desk" and I tell the person there I am cancelling the cable tv part (ONLY) of my service.  No complaint department really?

5-minutes later I lose not only my cable but also my phone and internet. I have to call on my cell phone and get them to fix the internet and phone portions of my service.

To their credit, they did apologize. Wtf is wrong with these folks? We had a 24-month CONTRACT? I strongly suspect they bait & switch customers like this all the time?

Knowing lots of them will accept the $10+/month additional charges and move on and/or not even challenge the "new" billing. I'm going to eventually cancel the internet and phone, when I return to AT&T or another cable company.

This is the worse company I have ever experienced and I will NEVER give them my business again. This is an unscrupulous, vulgar company to do business with.

They should be sanctioned by the powers to be and put out of business for obvious illegal tactics.