Sunday, March 29, 2015

How Do I Complain to Apple about AT&T?

My iPhone 4 was not working well so I went to AT&T store. They told me because Apple stopped servicing the iPhone 4 in order to force consumers to upgrade their phones. They said it is a bad thing to do but good for Apple's stock.

I could not fight with Apple and i need my phone work normal so i purchased a iPhone 6. I charged phone the night before, the next morning it was only 43% charged. This is where my complaint against Apple started.

I went to office and charged again at 9:30, it was only 90% charged by 5:00pm. In two hours 50% of the iPhone battery was drained. Also the same evening i could not hear the caller's voice but through the speaker. I found out the phone was on the headset mold even i never used headset on this new phone. I called AT&T customer service before the store was opened. The phone was directed to technical customer support. They told me to call the Apple complaint department because I have a defected phone.

I called the AT&T store again and spoke to customer service. How could this get any worse? They told me i need to go to Apple store to change a new phone because Apple does not allow AT&T to change the defected phone. So then I called the Stanford shopping center Apple store, they told me to bring the phone and they will change it for me. I went to Vallyfair mall Apple store. I waited for 30 min to meet a young lady, she took me to another person and i wait for another 10 min.

She told the young lady that it will be two hours waiting for technical service to check my phone and instructed her to give me a new phone. When they learned I purchased the phone from AT&T they told me they need me go back to AT&T and they will exchange a new phone for me. I walked half of the mall to AT&T, they told me Apple lied to me, the manager called Apple store and told me go back to Apple and Apple will take care of it.

I walked half of the mall back to Apple and waited for another 10 min., the Apple store manager told me they had no one could help me and they are closing in 45 min. He insisted AT&T should change the phone for me. At this point I wanted to know how I could file a complaint against Apple? At this point I was looking up their Tim Cook's Twitter account online to complain. I asked him to call the store manager at AT&T. 20 min later he came back and told me that he pretended he was a customer and wanted to return his phone. Horrible customer service!

The AT&T person told him that he could return the phone within 14 days and sent me back to AT&T. I walked half of the mall back to AT&T again. The manger said that he told the Apple store manager (he did not know he was the Apple store manager) that he can return the phone within 14 days but he needs to pay $35 restocking fee. The Apple store manager did not tell me about it, he just wanted to get rid of me because they are closing soon.

I asked AT&T to call back the Apple store manager but store was closed. I wasted whole evening walked back and forth the mall on Fri. Evening without dinner. I need to complain to AT&T and Apple who sold me a bad phone and non of them want to solve the problem. Really the problem starts with Apple who is forcing customers to use AT&T services.

Who could advise me how to complain to Apple corporate offices?