Saturday, April 4, 2015

No Response from Verizon Complaint Number

The purpose of this letter is to timeline the events that took place between myself and Verizon. I had a family phone plan with AT&T.  A total of 4 phones were connected with the plan.

I decided Verizon could offer me a better deal so I called a representative at Verizon to walk me through the process of moving my service from ATT to Verizon. Along with giving them the phone numbers that were to be transferred, I also purchased 4 new Verizon phones.

I also gave them verbal permission to contact ATT and take our phone numbers. I was told that once I received the Verizon phones, I was to call Verizon and at that time they would commence with moving the phone numbers over to Verizon and activate those phones.  It would be a smooth- uninterrupted process.

When I came home 2 days later, I found a Fed-ex note on my door.  I called them immediately and Fed-ex said they had a package from Verizon but it could not be delivered because Verizon will not release packages without the recipient’s signature.   I was not informed of this information when ordering the phones.

I called the Verizon complaint number after finding it online and spoke with a representative that confirmed that process.  

Since no one is home all day I had to make special arrangements with Verizon that the package would not be delivered until after a certain time when someone would be home. Two days later, upon arrival home, the same Fed-ex note was attached to my door. I called fed-ex and they reported that no such request had been reported from Verizon. At this point I decided to leave my service with ATT and called and reported to Verizon to just delete my request to become a Verizon customer and that I would be staying with ATT.

On October 9, my phone suddenly stopped working.  I called ATT and they said there was nothing they could do because Verizon had taken over my number. I immediately called Verizon and the representative told me it was out of their control and that ATT needed to fix the problem since they were my phone provider.

I immediately called ATT and, after explaining the event with Verizon and trying to change services, ATT came back and explained that they no longer were in control of that number and as much as they would like to assist me, by law they could not because that number was no longer theirs.

I immediately called Verizon and told them they were the ones that needed to rectify the situation and insisted someone return my phone to ATT immediately, as they were never supposed to move anything until I called and activated the phones. And reminded them to review what information they did have on me and that I cancelled the contract.

They found my file, saw that I had cancelled and promptly released my phone number back to ATT.  I then called ATT and got my phone working again. The process of returning my phone back to service with ATT took approximately 4 hours of my time. (NOTE: time spent was mostly with Verizon denying they had anything to do with my phone not working.) The next day the party that has one of the aforementioned phone numbers called from work to inform me that their phone went dead the night before. 

Having experience in this problem, I immediately phoned the complaint department again at Verizon and informed them of what they immediately needed to do. 

I also confirmed with them that the other two numbers left on my plan would not be moved over to Verizon.  I then called ATT and quickly got that phone up and running. At times I tried to get in touch using Twitter but could not do that either.

On January 10, 2012, I received papers from Verizon thanking me for becoming a wireless customer and these letters were to confirm that all my phone numbers were added to my account on October 10, 2011. (see attached letters) I immediately called Verizon and informed them of their mistake and that I did not expect to have any further contact with Verizon regarding this issue.

The next day I received another letter from Verizon (see attached) again thanking me for my business and that my Talk and Text plan were now in service. I did not bother to call Verizon again, but did file their letter. On January 15, 2012 I received a bill from Verizon in the amount of $837.89.

I immediately sat down and wrote a lengthy letter to the complaint department at Verizon. (very similar to this letter) requesting that they void this bill. I even tried to contact them online. About a week later I received a stock letter telling me that I needed to pay the bill. I called then called the Collections department at Verizon and was told they could do nothing.

I would need to submit a letter to their complaints department. Over the next 3 ½ years I have reviewed threatening letters from Verizon telling me I had an outstanding bill. They also have dinged my credit Reports.

My credit report is clean except for this ding. I am getting ready to purchase a house and would appreciate any help you could offer in order to rectify this issue.