Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Woolworths No Domino's in Stock Upsets Customers

I am really ticked off. I went out of my way to do my shopping at Woolworths today in order to collect Domino's in the hope of getting the ones that my little cousin is missing. We have managed to collect a full set for my grandson. 

I thought "great" now I can shop wherever. What? No Dominos! Not happy. I asked if I would be able to claim them when they came in. The young girl just shrugged and said "Keep your receipt - jut in case" - Just in case? What does that mean? I wouldn't have minded had I been warned before entering the store.  A sign would have been nice. All the promotional crap is still on display. Not good. I wont be falling for your "Collect some more junk" promotions again.

I know I sound nasty but I am really annoyed. Thank you for taking the time to read my gripe. Normally I would have given the Carousel store a 5 star rating BUT not today. Today I tried to reach on Facebook and also on their website to contact them, but haven't had any luck yet. It's a shame because the website still clearly says the contest is running and does not mention anything about being out of stock.
For every $20 you spend at Woolworths you'll receive a free Disney Pixar domino! There’s 44 characters from all your favourite Pixar films to collect.
Well clearly there is some problem with the domino's game and they need to tell customers that they are out of stock before they come to the stores and shop. I did some searching online and found other Woolworth's complaints about this exact same thing.
I am a senior with little money, but i started to collect dominoes. I was told today that the promotion is ended. The promotion is said to go from 4th March to 14th April, it is only the 7th April today, our store in Wellard has not had any dominoes for at least 2 weeks, and i still need 16 to complete the set of 44. I purchased the collector box but now can't fill it, shame on you Woolies.
This complaint was from a Senior citizen, how rude. That's not the only one I saw so far, another one claimed that they bring their kids in to the story specifically for this reason, only to see them leave disappointed. If you have kids you know what this is like! I don't expect this from a company with the history and the size like Woolies has.
We shop at Woolworths for several reason mostly due to the kids wanting to collected what ever is being given when you spend spend and spend some more. The last week you have no dominos to give in any store. If you have kids you would know what its like and the disappointment on their face.
 Have you been able to get your dominos at the store?