Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cheap Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Tastes Horrible Now

My review is of Dunkin store #304. Located at 167 St. & NW 1 Ave., North Miami Beach, Fl-33162. The coffee brewed here sucks again and again. All my friends complained, nothing from Dunkin Donuts.

Several surrounding stores the hot coffee is made fresh, great taste.  I have been drinking it for over 25 years. I go 7 days a week, 2 x a day here, not any longer... This drive thru is very busy. I feel they are using an inferior, cheaper brand of coffee to save money.

Very few people would file a complaint. My friends just stop going here, as did I. I reported this to the Dunkin corporate office months ago at telephone number 571-426-0947. The company did nothing. This place is a scam.

I feel their executives make a better profit selling coffee by volume, cheaper brand in your cups. People drink it, but don't complain. Prove its a different brand coffee-cheaper, more profit for owner. Thanks, me & my friends just switched locations.