Sunday, April 10, 2016

10 Snapchat Users and Why They Hate Snapchat

Snapchat users love using their app. And nothing upsets them more than poor customer service. I will tell you one thing, the complaints are hilarious. Here they are.

The new snapchat update is bull because it makes everyone's stories back to back. How do I get the old one back? The person that decided to do that needs to be fired. - Tim Sacula

My snapstreak keeps on disappearing and it keeps happening and there's no point of me using snapchat if this continuing. I'm very let down by this as I've used snapchat for a number of years and I've had no problems until now. I lost my 25 day streak for no reason with one of my friends even though we text each other on picture that day. - Lewis Donner

I had a 42 day snapstreak and we snapped each other all day yesterday and now it's gone. - Marcy Towers

I have file a complain on your filters. I have many great experiences with snapchat but however me and my best friend have a special filter which holds a lot of memories for us. And whilst we where making memories it was working perfectly and was hilarious. Today, it returned and we where so excited to use it but unfortunately it wasn't working it says open your mouth to use it and when we did it wouldn't work and when we closed out mouths it worked. Now I want to delete this app! -- Yolanda Harris

To be more specific it is the laser filter that explodes when you open your mouth we love this filter and hope that you can fix this issue so I can be happy and give you five stars once again as I really enjoy snapchat usually. But now it's on my last nerve! - Caitlin Moran

Whenever I try to send a photo it says "sending " but never does and I have a good internet connection and does it with every 3rd snap I send. Me and my friend had a 8 day snap steak and even thought we still send photos and messages to each other we lost our snap streak. We want it back.  

I hate snapchat now Nothing bad has really happened. But I was wondering how you decide for stickers, or filters. On a day like today, I was hoping to see a Monday Thursday filter when I swipe on my picture. - Blake Young

Snapchat made me really mad because i went to a concert last night and took some videos on snapchat -- I trusted it. Later it logged me out and wouldn't let me click snapchat... once I logged back on they were all deleted. I'm so upset. - Chelsie West

I was very happy a few days ago when the panda face came out. I loved it! I'm very upset that it's gone now like why does the puppy face get to stay and I lose my panda face. I really hope you guys put the panda face back on otherwise my friends and I are deleting snapchat. I hate your new update and many others do as well please fix it. - Jemma Gabber

Me and my friend lost our streak randomly awhile ago. Now, 2 weeks later it still hasn't started again this is very upsetting we would've been at around 45 now. A few months ago, my friend and I had over 100 days on our snap streak when suddenly it disappeared. Since it was the first time it had happened, I eventually let it go. Well my boyfriend and I had been snap chatting everyday since I got my wisdom teeth out, and it disappeared even though we didn't miss a day. This has happened more than once and I don't appreciate it. I'd like my streaks back. - Natasia McDougall