Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Customers Ready to Cancel All Sprint Services

I signed up with Sprint services by phone three months ago, I was told my payments would be 110.00 a month every month at the store. First payment arrived , No problem 110.00 like we discussed and then from there on in, its been hell. Second month I contacted Sprint and was treated complete like garbage, told basically my bill went up to 135.00 then I was put on hold for around ten minutes.

I heard someone pick up the line and then I was disconnected. I called back got a different person who took me through the same thing the first one did only this time I was more upset. I was told instead of me putting you on hold I will call you back, never did so I waited 24 hours and called back.

The second day I called Sprint corporate again and got a really nice person who went through everything, walked me through what was going on and then fixed my bill no problem. I then asked her if the bill is fixed and my monthly payment should be 110.00 a month every month she replied yes.

Third month, bill is now 115.68 a month so I called. The gentlemen was very rude, constantly explaining how I'm wrong and how my bill is supposed to be 115.00 a month, which upset me again so I explain everything over to him, after listening to me he then asked me to hold and hung up on me. Second call different guy so I explained it to him , same thing he was just as rude.

He walked me through my bill and he said my I phone part of the plan was 27.00 a month I told him no it was 19.00 he pause and put me on hold , came back pretty quick and said that was where the problem was and that I need to contact the store where I got my phone to track where it was because It was suppose to go to the warehouse and the have not received it yet. I told him the store was too far away from me and I could not go back to that store.

So I was told by him "So we found the problem and you don't want to go fix it" ? I said why don't you call the store and ask them for the information? He did not want to do that and ask me to go to a store closer to me. I asked how a store different from the one I bought the phone could help me ? He said they can call the store you bought the phone and have it tracked.

So I asked why cant you do this? His response "Not My Job"? Which maid me even more mad so he put me on hold and came back on and said tomorrow I can call the store and I will need to call you back tomorrow I said fine.

Next day I never received a call so I got off work at 8:00 pm est and called. I had to start all over again explain everything the gentlemen apologized and patiently proceeded to help me , he tried to call the store with no luck so he agreed to handle the call the next day and call me back , he asked for a good number to reach me so I gave him my work number where I work 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, And again no one called me back.

Third day I called got a lady , Had to start all over again she went over my policy and said everything in right , you are supposed to pay 115.00 a month. I had to explain everything to her in which she became more and more rude , I asked her to check the logs, she then did and immediately started say this is all wrong you cant have that you cant do this.

Sir your bill is 115.00 a month. I asked why did the other gentlemen I have spoken to for the past two days both agree that the error was in the I phone package and your saying its not.

She couldn't answer me so I asked for a supervisor which she then got loud and started treating me even worse and I told her she is being rude and may I speak to a supervisor she just kept coming at me acting like this is a battle I must win. Needless to say I hung up and I'm just at the end of my rope with sprint and I cant believe this is happening.