Monday, July 25, 2016

Nissan Safegap GAP Insurance Not Covering Loan

One 12/1/2015 my vehicle was stolen. The appropriate documentation was submitted to my insurance company, Nissan and Safegap to cover my loan. The date today is 2/6/2016 and my claim with Safegap has yet to be processed due to additional documentation which has already been submitted Nissan corporate headquarters and Safegap.

I have even went to the trouble of going to Eisenhower Nissan to have to re-submit my paperwork to Safegap to cover the loan which was upside down but I had the gap coverage. I spoke with fiancé manager Kathy Guido and explained that I can not continue with a new vehicle until the loan is satisfied as I was covered with the Gap insurance. I am beyond angry with this whole process and it makes me never ever want to buy I Nissan product again.

I want at the minimum my car payment which was made on 12/24/2015 refunded to me as the insurance company check was received by Nissan a day before I made that payment.  I have spent hours upon hours on hold waiting talking to Nissan about this issue.

I deserve as a customer to be at least reimbursed my 413.84 car payment along with an extra 200 for my inconvenience during this process. I have been late for appointments and missed beginnings of sons hockey games dealing with this issue.

I this was my second Nissan that I owned and it may be my last after the way I have been treated. I owned a Toyota RAV 4 which was totaled by a hailstorm 5 years ago. Toyota took a total of less than 1 month to resolve the entire claim.

If Nissan is the company they say that they are then they will at the minimum reimburse me for my inconvenience along with my car payment which is owed to me and also settle Gap claim with Safegap insurance.Once I am made whole and loan paid off I will then decide if I plan to continue to be a future Nissan customer.

I recently purchased a Nissan Altima from Carriage Nissan in Gainesville Ga. When I was there looking for a used car I told the Salesperson Rafael that I wasn't satisfied with the selection. He went and got another Salesman (Ron Cunningham) and he asked me why I wasn't satisfied with the Nissan Altima (Silver) with less than 30,000 miles.

I explained to him briefly why I wasn't satisfied with the car. I named several reasons why, I told him there were too many scratches in the bumper, the front chrome grill was peeling, and there were scratches inside of the vehicle on the door and behind the armrest.

I told him there were too many scratches on the exterior of the vehicle and I didn't like it. Ron Cunningham told me that he can replace all the issues I had and I listened to him thoroughly before I agreed to purchase this vehicle. He stated the grill could be replaced and all the scratches will be removed from the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

He went and got approval from the Parts Department Manager and he returned to me and stated that all the issues you have will be taken care of.  I took the vehicle back to them three Saturdays straight and this pass Saturday I was told they couldn't remove the scratches on the front bumper. Now they have paint that has been chipped off on the front bumper. I was very upset on Saturday because they told me there was nothing else they could do.

They replaced the grill, buffed several of the scratches out but they didn't remove any of the scratches on the bumper because they said they couldn't. Now I am stuck with a vehicle that I didn't want from the start because of these issues and they are not trying to hold up to the promise they made before I purchased it.

Can someone please help me with this matter because I am very dissatisfied at this moment with this Dealership? I understand that most dealership love to take advantage of females but this is not my first Rodeo. I am not going to let this sleepy dog lie, and I meant that literally.

That was my original complaint...

Today I am complaining because I haven't heard back from John (615-725-7542) who called me on the 19th and left a message stating I will hear from Carriage Nissan no later than today or to contact him and let him know if I don't.

I haven't heard from the Dealership nor John since that day. I have contacted John office several times and left a message and he haven't return my call. I understand he is a busy guy but at some point someone should be trying to contact me concerning this matter. I am beginning to feel like Nissan is looking at the situation the same way the Dealership is.

I was given a raw deal at this dealership and now I am feeling like no one is trying to assist me with getting my car repaired as promise. I am not asking for a miracle here, I am only asking for what I was promise before I purchased this vehicle. I am very upset at this point because they refused to move forward on trying to contact me after they told me they would repair the car. 

I will no longer deal with them and I have had several people here at the hospital that was requiring about where did I get the car I told them exactly where and I also told them about my ordeal. You make sales by treating your customers right, you make promises you should hold up to your word.