Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why I Contacted Macy's Cusotmer Service Hotline

I received the watch as a gift more then a year ago, last week I went to take it out of the box to wear it as this was the first time me wearing it since I received it and I noticed the watch is not running and the rose gold coloring is coming off in different part of the watch.

I then contacted Macy's Customer Service and provided him with all the information about the time frame of owning the watch that it was a gift and that I have the gift receipt, the Macy's tag and the box and the booklet that the watch came with as well as the condition of the watch.

The representative told me that I can go to a Macy's store and either get a gift cart for what the item is worth now or get the same item, I made sure to ask him to double check that information as I don't live near a Macy's and would have to take travel to one which takes time, he put me on hold and then came back saying that he is sure that I am able to do so.

I was on the phone with the representative for about 25 minutes when I kept re asking for him to confirm that information and he said he is sure that I am able to either exchange it or get a store credit. I went to the Macy's store later that day and I was told I am not able to get an exchange or a store credit.

I them called back and was told by another representative I am able to do that but I was at the store and put her on speaker phone when the store clerk told her they want take it back and only then she said oh it's because it's over a year old and it's not new, I was so angry at that point this information was told over and over to the representatives and I was told I can do it.

I then called to put in a complaint I spoke to about five different numbers where I was told I was calling the wrong number. This is unbelievable this is why I don't like Macy's the customer service representatives is like talking with robots. I am very unhappy with the experience.