Thursday, November 24, 2016

6 Complaints Against Wells Fargo Customer Service

In 2012, I filed for Bankruptcy. Due to a hardship at the time I applied for a home loan modification with Well Fargo Bank. After months of repeated exchange of required documents and having some notarized, I was given a 3 month payment plan. During the initial loan application.

I provided information from the California Eastern Bankruptcy Court in which the judge stated that the courts was not interested in home modifications or loans between the lender and borrower.  Only if amount increased.

After approval of loan, I submitted the first modified payment.  I then received a letter  withdrawing the modification due to not having court approval.  This very disappointing.

Then, my under age son cashed his paycheck at the Wells Fargo corporate office in Canon City CO location because Taco Bell uses that bank. He has been cashing checks for years from his yard work & cleaning out garages so knows to go to the bank a check is written on.

Even before he had a state ID the banks would just call the check writer the first time to verify they did write him that check (and would future checks) then would cash them for him from then verification and only his high school ID. Why would he think that's not what all banks do. He sure learned the hard way.

What is a free service in every other bank he's ever gone to, Wells Fargo charged him $7.50 to cash his paycheck today. The representative I called said they always charge that fee if the check holder doesn't have a Wells Fargo account.

That's a scam. Taco Bell does have an account & used that account to give my son his paycheck which he took to the bank. Kids under 18 aren't allowed to open checking accounts so are they just screwed because of it? I called 3 check cashing services including Safeway and none of them had fees as high as Wells Fargo charges to cash their own check...not a check from another bank.

He just went off to work his shift at Taco Bell in tears when he realized he'd been scammed his whole week's lunch money for 'fees'. For him that's an hours' work washing dishes & mopping floors til 2 a.m. closing tonight. Real nice way to teach young customers, the hard way, not to get cheated out of their hard earned money.

He's my 5th child plus I've raised foster teens too. I've never seen a bank do this to a kid without advising him not. Usually the bank employee will be very helpful and explain the best way (free or at least cheaper way) to conduct a bank transaction.

I've taken a dozen teens or more to get their first account and it's always been a good experience for them from helpful, even nurturing, bank employees who just want to do right by the teens & teach them life skills. I've not done that yet with this son because he's not 18.

When he is we won't be going to a Wells Fargo bank for his first bank account. And I'm mid- process of refinancing my home so this just put Wells Fargo out of the running for that too. And believe me, I'll be telling everyone and anyone why -- in person, on the internet, and from my roof top to if I have a mind to.

This is a scam of the worst sort...charging exorbitant fees to cash their own checks...higher then even those over-priced check cashing places. No wonder Wells Fargo is in so much trouble in financial circles. You just bumped Bank of America for worst bank in the U.S.

I have been a customer of the bank for many years, but yesterday I had an experience at the Walnut Creek Branch that left me angry and humiliated.  I was there with two other women.  We are the court-appointed representatives of the estate of one of your customers and we had gone to the bank to establish our estate bank account. 

During our meeting with the person with whom we were speaking about opening the account (we had all the necessary documentation) left us a couple of times to speak with "Uri" whom she described as the manager, stating that she had to have authority.

After 40 years of banking with your bank the service consideration and bait and switch operation is making me pull all accounts out. I was hung up on 22 times treated disrespectfully and charge fees when they shouldn't of been any fees I have bank with you over the years in the millions and this is what you get Wells Fargo.

We were kept waiting for some time and when she finally returned she told us that the bank could not open the account for us because there were three of us and our letters of authorization from the court used the word "and" instead of "or" -  the last time she came back she said that "Uri" was talking to others about the fact that one of us was 85 years old and expressed amazement that an 85 year old person could be a paralegal.  She made these comments directly in front of the three of us.

I had only just become acquainted with the other two women when we were appointed by the court to act as co special administrators.   I was shocked and appalled that "Uri" would make such  comments to us and more than appalled that the bank agent would repeat it to me and my companions. 

As a result I will no longer frequent that branch.  By the way "Uri" never so much as met with us personally.  I might add that the estate of your customer will have an estimated value of over $3,000,000.

I am over the "run around" I receive at Wells Fargo Bank. My home mortgage is through them and I vow to somehow find a way to get out from under them.

My experience has been to make payment arrangements with them and if you deal with them to make payment arrangements at all you have to be caught up, and they tell you we will take your payment on this day, when that day came they took the mortgage and the payment! I currently pay more than my mortgage every week then I was paying a month.

I have had my business and personal account with Wells Fargo Bank since 1985 when they absorbed Crocker Bank in So.Cal.  They have been, as a business, average over the years, some situations good, some bad but not enough leave them. I am officially Leaving Wells Fargo with all of my accounts and moving to another institution.

Wells Fargo to compensate for losing their Criminal case, is starting a new scam of putting arbitrary holds on deposited funds. They are creating a situation that will cause overdraft fee's while earning additional interest on the extra millions of dollars for a few days. They are no more than a large criminal organization that needs to be disbanded.

I urge everyone that reads this to close their Well Fargo accounts. If you work for Wells Fargo, be part of the solution and find a new bank to work for. If I could have rated with a negative number about this experience I would have. I will be posting a similar statement on all social media sites that I can. I have never written a review or a complaint in my 53 years until now. Wells Fargo Needs to dissolved.

I have related this story to my attorney and also to my older son, who is also an attorney, and both of them are disgusted and have offered to write the bank a letter for me.  However, I prefer to make my own complaint direct to you.  Incidentally both of my co-special administrators state emphatically they will never do business with Wells Fargo after the rude way we were treated. 

We ended up at another bank, were treated cordially and respectfully, and were able to open our estate account, whereupon we went back to Wells Fargo immediately and closed the decedent's account.