Tuesday, March 24, 2015

8 Real Hampton Inn Customer Complaints

I was contacted on March 8th concerning a room I booked in Orange Beach, Alabama with Hampton Inn.  This is where my complaint started. I had plans to go to Orange Beach March 8-11) and I booked a room at the Perdido Resort Hotel in Orange Beach.

I paid for the first night on two rooms at this hotel. Then things turned bad, and the poor customer service started. Eventually I would visit the complaint department to share my problem.

I received a call from the hotel on March 8th telling me that I needed to give them my card number to hold the other two nights that I was staying because my card was not going through.

I had never been to Orange Beach, AL but I knew I reserved the room so I gave the agent my card I was told that I would not be charge she was just confirming my stay for the other 2 nights.  I call the customer service agent back and they answered the phone as Hampton Inn in Orange Beach.

I told the lady my complaint that I didn’t have reservation at that hotel and how did they get my information to call me.  She told me I had reservations. The card that was on file is a card I use for bills and not reservation and that I should contact Expedia if I had a complaint.

She told me again and explained that the Hampton Inn rooms had been ordered through Expedia. I called to file a complaint with Expedia and then cancel those reservation because I didn’t reserve the rooms.  Expedia said they did not have reservation for me and they couldn’t give me a confirmation number nor could they cancel the room because I didn’t have reservation through them.

I told the agent this information and she told me there was nothing she could do but keep the charges on my account for $204.32 for each room.  

She told me I had to pay for those rooms because I didn’t cancel within 72 hours.  I was not aware of the reservation therefore I couldn’t cancel.  I called Expedia corporate offices over 10 times trying to get information and they couldn’t give me anything.  I continue to call and they told me it might have gone through another Expedia maybe in Canada.  Hampton Inn would not cancel the reservation either.

Then I took my problems to social media trying to get in touch with either Expedia or Hampton Inn with my complaints online. That didn't help either and I resorted back to the complaint department with my review.

The agent at the desk at Hampton Inn and Suite misrepresented herself and fraudulent got my card number and told me I would not be charged.  I would like a refund on the rooms in the amount of $408.64. If my complaint is not solved I will visit their customer service department again!

Here are my 8 complaints about Hampton Inn:

1.    I don’t know who made the reservation. That's not my problem.
2.    They had a card on file that I don’t use to make reservation. How can they mix that up?
3.    I never made reservation with Expedia. Unreal.
4.    Expedia could not give me a cancellation number because it was with Hampton Inn.
5.    Hampton Inn and Suites fraudulently got my card number.
6.    Hampton Inn would not let me cancel a reservation I didn’t make they told me I have to cancel through Expedia.  I could not cancel with them.
7.    Hampton Inn and Suite wanted me to cancel within 72 and I didn’t know reservation had been made at that hotel in my name.
8.    Expedia couldn’t give me any information to cancel rooms I didn’t have.

If you have ever had an experience with reserving a hotel room online like Hampton Inn you know my pain, the scams are everywhere. Often times they move you around from phone number to hotline without your knowledge. In the end it's cheaper for them to cut deals with travel websites, but it hurts the customer.