Saturday, September 26, 2015

1,000 Facebook Complaints -- Here Are the Best Ones

I have seen a lot of pathetic complaints in 5 years I have been collecting consumer reviews on my website. Most of the 100,000 or so I've personally read are.

You might think people would complain about big things like houses or botched surgeries, but they don't. By and large people gripe about the things they really shouldn't, like Facebook, Zynga Poker, and that idiot cashier at Walmart.

If you think people complain a lot on Facebook, imagine what happens when they complain ABOUT Facebook.

Here's what I call the 1% (top 7 out of more than 1,000) FB complaints. I removed the people's names but kept the date it was submitted and the location.

I was in a relationship with someone on Facebook. She lives in a different country than me and I thought we had something special. It was great at first, people were congratulating us and happy for us. But things went down hill after a while. One day we would be close online and the next day she would push me away for simple excuses. I admitted I cheated on her because she was picking fights with people over simple comments and posts and i was tired of being caught in the middle.

There is no excuse for what i did i admit my wrongs publicly for everyone to see. But it was never enough for her. I tried to make her happy, giving her access to my accounts, letting her control who i can add and message. Things like that.We kept on breaking up, getting together often. I broke up with her finally on Xmas eve because she was told i was cheating on her with 4 women, accusing them of sex vidchatting them on Facebook. She then went on to verbally abuse them but will not take responsibility of being wrong there.

I know i never did and those mentioned to her never did too. I did wrong in the past but i need advice. People are messaging me then sending her partial messages saying i sex chatted them. She has posted on her Facebook page the partial messages sent to her. She also accuses me of being in love with a paedophile in another country. A few days ago, she sent me messages telling me she was going to jump off a bridge. She is constantly getting lies fed to her and believing them. She never jumped off a bridge (I admit i did say after the event on Xmas eve because i was angry.

There is no excuse for that). But is wanting revenge on me for things i never did but is being told i did. She said there is evidence of me vid chatting women on Facebook behind her back. I never did but apparently there is evidence saying i did. She is getting Facebook admins on me along with other people. I have taken screen shots of her messages and posts in the event i need to prove i am telling the truth. Since then things got even more worse.

She has threatened people and when i warned them about her threats, my account was shut down and i can't prove my identity. Apparently she has been gloating that she has Facebook admin on her side, my ip address has been flagged by Facebook and one of the admins has been apparently getting women to friend me and set me up to gather evidence against me. I admit my mistakes and have fell for some of the set ups.

She is now harassing other people on Facebook and getting away with it. She has many accounts, mostly by the name Jaimie cousins. You need to set this right Facebook as u have set a scene where she is now intimidating, threatening and harassing people and getting away with it. She says there is a conspiracy against her but there is non other than what she creates. All i want to do is post and make friends, not be accused of things i never did.