Monday, September 28, 2015

Cancelling Comcast Tomorrow After 19 Days With No TV Signal

I just had to wait 5 days for service because we had no picture on our TV. Apparently this has been happening since 2011 and Comcast hasn't bothered to find a permanent solution. It finally was fixed and then the same thing happened the next week. It took another week to get a technician out here.

I certainly did my part. I spoke to India, Mexico, Michigan and another place. Was cut off after speaking and to solve the problem with the guy in India. Had to call in each day for four days straight just to restart our TV.

Comcast finally sent a new box and the man forgot to reset clock. Here we go, another five days. Called tonight to cancel appointment and had a 20 minute wait. This is super frustrating for very high charges we pay for Comcast Xfinity.

Only one more thing to do now,  cancelling our service with Comcast tomorrow. Never had to deal with any company for any problem with such terrible service in every matter called in for. I certainly do not think their company can go on with this kind of extremely poor services.

Everyone I know seems to have the same problems and everyone I look I seem to read more complaints. I wish Comcast only the worst in future years.

Time to wise up and put the customers first!