Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why Smart T-Mobile Customers Don't Buy iPhone Insurance

Seven months ago I bought an i-phone 6 plus from T-Mobile in Hilliard, Ohio. I was up-sold insurance for $12 dollars a month only after inquiring about the requirements for a replacement phone if I needed one. The representative assured me there was no limitations, and no deductible since i was paying the highest premium.

Again and again the rep said if something happened to the phone I could replace it no problem. I reiterated that I did not want the insurance if that wasn't the case and the salesperson reassured me over and over again.

I dropped my phone a week into use but the damage was so minimal and the phone worked so well I chose to keep the phone. 6 months later my phone has started glitching.   While in the middle of conference calls it flips to mute and often hangs me up; booting me from the call.

Group texts have also been a challenge, often having to restart my phone in the middle of texting to get my keyboard to work properly. I went to T-Mobile and the rep said I would have to pay $106 for the phone and another $176 for insurance to replace the obvious Apple 6 plus lemon.

I have been an apple user for many years, for the most part they have been dependable, not this one.  I've only been T-Mobile user for seven months (never again) and would recommend to everyone to stay away from T-Mobile. Terrible customer service and worse sales techniques.

They up-sell with no thought of their customers, only their commission, absolutely unwilling to help and backup their promises.  Buyer BEWARE!

This complaint was originally submitted via the T-Mobile complaint form on Hissing Kitty.