Friday, September 25, 2015

Fake Facebook $600,000,000 Winner Scam

I was contacted yesterday, by a lady (Anthea McKenzie) she stated she was an employee for Facebook, that I had been chosen to receive $600,000,000 for being the winner. She wanted my name, address, and cell phone number.

But she asked that I fly out to California and bring $250 to facebook, she gave me correct address for Facebook, if I couldn't do that, then I was to go Monday, and get western union or money gram, and send it to this person: Shiloh Rail, State of Omaha, city of Nebraska, 68112 (I checked this lady has a Facebook account).

After all this, she had someone text on my cell phone, like it was coming from Facebook, to confirm all that we had talked about, but this person kept texting off and on, to see if I was there, this morning I got texting off and on, asking if I slept well etc.

Being a 75 year old woman, this so upset me and my family were scared, because the woman said, that I wasnt to tell anyone, or they would get a surprise. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, the police came and made a report, because they kept warning me not to tell NO ONE...

Can you tell me what is going on, is this a scam? I have been on Facebook many years, never a problem. These people are dangerous, I contacted my attorney, he right off said it was a scam and for me to call the police, so I did, today the lady doesn't have a picture up, yesterday  it was like she work for Facebook, and showed the office.

Originally posted via the Facebook complaint department form.