Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Frustrating Phone Call with CenturyLink Corporate Office

I joined CenturyLink in Dec 2014. I joined because of all the things they offered and it was supposed to be for 3 yrs. I had been with Comcast prior and was unhappy but before I moved to Ocala I was a 20 year customer with Brighthouse but they do not offer service where I live.

Anyhow I was told I my bill would be $142,55 for the three years for Internet, phone, prism TV and I would get free HD and DVR for life.

That I would get free Showtime and Starz package for the 3 yrs and a $300 gift card.
Well almost immediately my bills were incorrect and I called to no avail and then called the corporate office.

The person there apologized and said they wanted to keep my business and keep me happy and she got my bill even lower to around $128 which I never asked her do to it had went in the $150-165 range.

All I wanted was exactly what I asked for. I need to say my bill at $142.55 was estimated on the high side according to agent so I would not get a bigger bill after taxes etc. Well my bill was ok for a few months and then it started climbing again.

Sadly I made a rookie mistake and did not have the woman from corporate name, so I got the run around again also spent hours on the phone and they denied any documentation on there end saying that I was told or promised any of this. I doesn't help there are no offices near my location.

So once again I call corporate office and I get a woman named Karen Teeter and she gives me a credit to cover part of the issue and assures me she will see that I will only be paying the $128 I had been and she would just issue me credits until my 3 yrs were up.

But she said she could only enter a certain amount so I would need to call her every 6 months and she would put more credit in. I keep paying what I was used to and the difference would be pulled from my credit. I know that might sound weird but I am a disabled widow on a very fixed income so it is the best way for me to do this.

I never asked for my bill to be less than what I was promised when I joined and there has already been an increase across the board and I am at that point only with them about 6 months.

So when the time came I try to reach Karen who assured me she would be there as she had worked there for 20 yrs. well guess what. She was gone I am not sure what happened but here we go again. This is like a full time job just trying to get them to honor there word.

Now I have made a ton of calls as my bill is $160-165 and this is with so called credits they have issued. I am going to have a freaking nervous breakdown. I think they enjoy this and it stinks all I ever asked for to begin with was to pay what I was PROMISED when I joined and somewhere on my old computer I have a screenshot showing this offer as well.

So I get my bill today and it's still $160 something. I guess it may be time to get Netflix or just really drop to the very minimum. I so far have had no luck finding someone who will honor what Karen from corporate promised me either.

All I ask is for them to honor my original agreement no more/ no less and stop messing with my bill. When you live on $960 and can't work you have to budget. If this reaches someone who will help me I would be very grateful but I am not feeling overly optimistic.