Friday, October 16, 2015

How T-Mobile JUMP! Insurance Really Works

I am a 14-year member with T-Mobile and have never filed a complaint but this store is a poor representation of T-Mobile and no one is willing to help me.  I lost my I-Phone 5C and filed a claim with JUMP insurance program.

I was told my deductible is $150 and they could mail me a phone which would take several days or I could go into T-mobile, pay my deductible, and have my phone replaced at new charge.

I went into T-Mobile located at 41042 US HWY 19 N, Tarpon springs, FL 34689. The sales rep #0905575 told me they no longer carry 5C and I could replace with 5S which is the same.  He proceeded to take my deductible of $150 and told me that will clear out my old phone and I needed to pay for a new phone.

I told him why have insurance if I could not replace the phone? He said I am responsible for $450 charge of new phone. I did not agree with this, but consumer be warned, I needed a phone and signed the contract. When I called the T-Mobile toll free phone number, they told me I should not have to pay for a new phone.

The JUMP insurance told me the agent definitely did upsell me and yes I would have to pay. I have tried to return it and even called the manager 3 times (they would only say her name is Lindsey and no last name and would take a message) but no one is willing to help me and said it is too late.

I do not want to have to pay for a new phone and I am being charged for something that I feel should be returned for full refund. Now I am sharing my complaint about T-Mobile with every possible website I can find online.

I can go to Verizon or almost any other phone service and get much better deal and much cheaper plan. I am ready to leave T-Mobile and no one seems to care.

What can I do to get my money back? Do I have to take it to my bank to dispute it? I was told the T-Mobile JUMP plan would have solved all these issues. It's definitely not worth it if you are considering buying it.