Saturday, October 24, 2015

Comcast Triple Play Box Not Working

I changed my package to Triple play after speaking to a rep. He stated Ok, we have to send you a new Xfinity box and Modem. It will come by UPS.

On 10/21/2015 the box arrived and it was what he said. After hooking up the boxes myself I experienced problems with the box not working and after that the internet stopped working. This was resolved after we discovered in order to get the internet to work we had to enter a new domain.
Then we were not seeing anything related to Xfinity live. We still had the old blue address bar at the bottom of TV. I contacted Xfinity customer service and they asked for serial numbers off the boxes that were in the house. This person told me all the boxes need to be replaced and they also gave me a box that was not DVR which I requested.

I removed all the boxes and went to Xfinity store in Havertown. The customer rep was very helpful, but explained that the initial person that set you up should have giving you everything you needed. I took this equipment home and installed all the boxes. All worked except one box. My sons bedroom.

So I called, they walked me through a series of test and determined that the box was defective. I had to take that one back to Xfinity and receive another. I connected the new one and it worked fine for a few hours and then it started having problems stating "Something is Not Quite Right" I called again and they could not figure it out telling me they would have to send a tech. out.

They stated it would be 5 days because I installed the equipment, but if the tech did it he would be out the next day. this burned me up after going through what I did! 7 phones calls, 3 trips to the store and now the box (sons Bedroom) is still not working. 4th trip today 10/24/2015. 

4 days of horror on this, I'm at the point to go to consumer affairs and also BBB about all of this. Then I look at my bill and I have a $50.00 installation fee on there. and I'm being charges one to many outlets for my house. I am also being charged more for the DVR unit when I received the replacement they said they would keep it at the regular box.

At this time it was a big mistake changing my package and I'm very sorry I did with the problems and time I spent on trying to resolving this matter and still is not resolved. I want someone to contact me and I feel that I should not even pay a bill this month due to this problem.