Monday, October 26, 2015

Top 5 Complaints

It is not uncommon to see complaints about a dating website. But when it comes to SeniorPeopleMeet, the complaints reach a whole new level. When you combine a modern technology company and the fact that most of the customers are older, you have a recipe for disaster. Seniors do not like to be outsourced or automated, they need real help with their problems.

The following complaints about were submitted using the complaint form on HissingKitty. We help more than 2,000 customers each month voice their complaints and be heard using the power of the internet!

Every time I tried to contact customer service to cancel my subscription I get a different response online. I have tried several times. I fear that my charges will continue to increase. I have been reading complaints such as mine and have found that the complaints have gone unheeded. 
- from Acworth, GA
I am a male 80 years old and you were showing female pictures and profiles and all of a sudden you are showing males. Now I cannot get on the site. What is the problem with places like this that they cannot do a simple thing right! If I want to go on a dating site just let me select the types of matches I want.
from Bedford, IN

I want to cancel my membership and can't figure out how to get into the area I need to and automatic payments keep coming out of my acct. This is a joke it was so easy to sign up for the account but now that I try to cancel it's damn near impossible
from Denver, CO

On May1, 2015 I sent this email to Attn: CEO - Greg Blatt. I received a response from the Customer Care department within 5 minutes, saying there is nothing they could due to help me. I believe what upsets me the most is, I could of receive a Free trial account for a month, before paying any mony. I'm extremely disappointed how their Customer Care department handled my request for a refund, after I explained I someone in their own department told me I could of had a Free account for a month. 

I explained to the supervisor how disappointed I was with their service and Mr. Amer could careless. All I'm asking for is to be refund for the two months service I'm not going to be using, considering Mr. Amer canceled my account on May 1, 2015. Plus, I know that CEO - Greg Blatt never received my complaint. I was giving the name of the CEO by Mr. Amer, I hope his name is correct.
from Denver, CO 

I notice on Senior Citizens that ads are appearing that scam people into setting up continuous payments hiding it within the terms and conditions. This is a dirty practice that preys on people totally unaware of this sort of thing. I had never heard of such a thing assuming that I would have to be informed either in writing or by reading about it within the advert itself and in full view certainly not to have to hunt out the information. 

Nat west have promised to look into this practice and change the way these things hit their bank in the interest of their customers and they also refunded the £200.00 I was scammed for. You also have a duty and whilst I realise that this is big money for you I do still think you have a duty of care to millions of people who use your web sites. 

All I am asking you to do is to insist that anyone advertising on your search engine follow strict codes of practice which do involve helping yourself to peoples money without making it perfectly clear up front what is about to happen not hidden away in something you have to search for. There should be a tick box at the very least that prevents you from moving on from that point unless you have read and understood it.
from London, ENG