Sunday, October 4, 2015

Where is the Qantas Customer Service Contact Info?

Mon 21st Sept in Brussels Belgium I tried to change our return flights from Amsterdam to Perth From 5th Oct15 to 25th Sept 15. QF8150 and QF8424. Two operators, $38US credit on our mobile phones exhausted and 3 hours later I changed our flights.

One operator said $280 each the other operator said $1270 for the two of us.

I agreed to pay the latter and gave her my Credit card details AE. The same card I booked the initial flights with. I received notification that my card was rejected but I was not able to contact Qantas. My booking number was not recognized.

We decided to stop off at Schippol Airport on our train journey to Amsterdam to sort it out. No Qantas desk but we were able to speak to two understanding Emirates employees. They seem to have a decent company.

They attempted to contact Qantas and unbelievably had the same waiting conditions that we experienced. 1 1/2 hours later we managed to secure our flight home for $710 extra charge.

I have to say the Qantas website does not provide easy access to the average traveler to manage their booking. As a matter of fact it is impossible if it won't recognize your flight booking reference. (All I kept getting was some reference to 8104. what is that?)

Where are you supposed to find a contact phone number? I found mine on a Qantas complaint rating site on the internet. By the way the rating was 1 star.

Qantas you fail miserably in PR and just caused us unnecessary anxiety and cost. How can I contact you with a problem if you make your customer service information impossible to find?

Compassionate grounds to change flights don't even come in to your reasoning. I would expect a reply from Qantas to our complaint.