Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Day I Called Kia Corporate Office to Complain

I bought this Kia Optima certified pre owned and they gave me 75,000 mile warranty. The car had 39,000 miles on it and it was awesome car I did regular oil changes and no problems then one day it cuts off while I was driving to work.

I stopped the car it's push to start so I pressed the button it turned on and I drove into a parking spot and listened to see if I heard anything and I did a tapping noise when I got out the car and open the hood it was coming from the left upper part of the engine.

I checked the oil later once it cooled down and it was a little low I put less than half a quart in and the oil looked as if it was time for oil change so I drove home and on the way the check engine light came on.

When I pulled in the driveway the knocking was loud and the oil light flashed and it was not overheating I cut the car off then started it again the noise was still there so I cut it back off immediately called the dealership to bring it in.

Once they looked at it they told me that I needed a whole new engine my heart dropped I asked why what happened they said engine failure and it was 5,500 for a new engine and labor I knew the car was over the warranty by 13,000 but Jesus the motor blows?

I called Kia corporate office to file my complaint and they told me they would discuss with district person then they told me they could not help me I asked why I didn't qualify for the assistance they told me because it was out of warranty but the program was designed to help people when things like this happen and the car is out of warranty.

I only had the car for a year and I'm still financing the car.  My fiancĂ© has a Kia Soul and we are getting rid of it asap!

She got a new car from them and when went for a trade for a bigger car they offered her a Sorento with higher miles than her car and it was a older model and told her that her payment would go up! I was shocked by this experience I will never recommend a Kia to anyone due to this. I don't know how I am going to pay to get it fixed but when I do I will get rid of it before the engine fails again.

They didn't even offer to trade the car in telling me that I would have to put money down and my payment would go up and that I was under the water but they gave me he offer I was happy with my Kia and was a great car.

But the company is not they have not offered any other assistance and I am ashamed that hard working Americans have to go threw things like this and there is no laws or anything to assist you.