Friday, November 13, 2015

Lowe's Refuses 10% Discount to 84 Year Old Veteran (on Veterans Day)

It's not uncommon for a complaint to upset me when I read it. After all, most companies are complete jerks to their customers. But this Veterans day, I was beside myself reading all the complaints that came in from Home Depot and Lowe's.

These two organizations promised Veterans a 10% discount (and have done so for several years) on military holidays. This year they seem to have dropped the ball when it comes to informing their organization how the men and women of our military should be treated.

Here are a few complaints that I hope reach the corporate offices at both Lowe's and Home Depot. Next year, they need to send out a company-wide email before each holiday, informing their staff how to show some respect!

from Tampa, FL writes: 
3 days before Veterans day, my 84 year old step father showed his VA ID for a discount at the cash register and the clerk told him he was not entitled to it because he was not service connected. This man served in the Korean War was discharged with honors. It was the appropriate Id as it is the id issued to him by the Northport, VA in Long Island and he was in Florida to attend the Veterans Day parade at the Tampa VA.
As I was driving home I glanced back in my rear view mirror and saw the tears rolling down his eyes. This man never cries and is a man of few words. This is what America has come to, three days before Veterans day.
from Riverview, FL writes:
On veterans day I went to a Lowe's store #1911 in Riverview, FL. I live 1 mile from the store and spend a lot of money there. I was on my way to my American Legion post for a cook out. I wore my proud to be a veteran T-shirt. Purchased 2 items and bill was $24 and change. I asked the young man running the register if he was going to give me a 10% discount, then I handed him my DD214. He didn't even look at it, said I need a photo I.D. So I showed him my FL. DR. License to let him know it was me on the DD214. He asked why there was no "V" on my license? 

I was upset, humiliated and belittled in front of scores of people. I guess us Vietnam vets should be well used to that by now. I have been getting crapped on since 1968 when I went into our nations military service. After e-mailing Lowe's corporate got an e-mail from Lowe's #1911 assistant mgr. with a very insincere apology, a copy of their policy on military discounts and said he would instruct the employee as to what a DD214 was. I was so upset that day I went home and sat alone rather than going to my posts cook out. And all I get is an assistant mgr from the local store sending me a phony apology.
from Carmichaels, PA writes:
Tonight my husband and I made a special trip to Lowe's in Washington PA 15301 to purchase some green light bulbs to put outside to honor the veterans from the commercial we saw on TV. I know that I asked at least 4 clerks and not one knew what I was talking about. I thought this was unbelievable since I saw it was from Lowe's. We are loyal Lowe's customers and this is really disappointing. Someone needs to address this with the store!
Tracey Green from Deer Park, TX writes:
This is a second hand complaint that I hope you take seriously. I was on Facebook today and read a post about the Home Depot manager at E Spokane # 4714 in Spokane Valley, WA 99212. The person that posted this was taking up for our military. All Home Depot stores should provide discounts to our military and the fact that this manager did not is very disappointing to me. My father served in WWII and was in the reserves so you can understand why I would be upset at the very hint of disrespect to a veteran. Please reply to me and let me know the status of this issue. I eagerly await your reply.
 Yvonne Beaudet from West Grove, PA writes:
We purchased a patio set from the online store as they did not carry size of table we needed or chairs in store - we selected the set from a larger display set - we did purchase the umbrella and stand within the Glen Mills, PA store on April 12, 2015. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran, they would not accept his license (which states he is a Vet), or the DD214 discharge form. Need to have an ID from the VA hospital or Vet Admin. - which forces us to use their doctors/hospital. 
This is discriminating. He served for 1 year in Artillery and put his life at risk. 10% discount is the least he deserves. Also, product when received in shipping was damages/legs dented and bent and tiles do not sit flat on table top & boxes were torn. We are NOT packing it up and shipping it back or paying for the cost of either. But your company needs to send a representative to our home to inspect it. That is real customer service.
Glen Chapman from Georgetown, KY writes:
I live in Georgetown, KY and shop frequently at the Lowe's there. I went there today and had a basket of items to purchase and ask for my veterans discount. I showed them my drivers license which has veteran stamped on it which you cannot get without showing your dd 213. Your employees state they cannot accept this.

How can your company treat veterans like this after giving their lives for our country? I have shopped in one of your Lexington Ky stores, and they were nothing but kind and had no problem giving me my discount. Even if I have to go out of my way, I will not do business with a company who treats veterans this way. No one could cheat by having this put on their license. You have to show proof for them to put this on your license.
Warren Haislar from Fenton, MO writes:
I have been shopping at Lowe's in south St. Louis since it opened, and in 2012 a store clerk told me about Veteran's 10% discount if you have a Veteran's ID card. I was told to pay extra and get one with a picture ID because the one without the picture can be passed around to any one and they can use it.
Now, I have been using my card there since Dec. 2012 and on April 18 2015. The clerk told me she cannot honor a picture ID Vet card, so I asked for the manager, and he said I never could use it. Sadly enough, I have receipts showing they did honor it since 2012. If your going to have a promo then get it together. 
Please join me in sharing these stories to hold Lowe's and Home Depot accountable for their actions against Veterans this holiday week.

Hopefully, next year, not a single Veteran will go embarrassed just for showing their Military ID.