Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Wells Fargo Customer Service Nightmare

I have been a customer with Wells Fargo for over 10 years. About 4 months ago I decided to close my current checking account that was linked to my family's checking accounts and open a separate one. Seemed like an easy switch- NOT the case. From then-on the bad experiences snowballed. Starting with fees when I was told I would not be incurring.

When I called customer service to ask why I was charged these fees without notification I was met by the one of the rudest people I have ever spoken with. Considering this is a CUSTOMER SERVICE complaint line I was shocked!

He was so belittling and condescending. He spoke over me at every turn. I was LIVID. Once I finally got a word in and requested to speak with a superior, that went over MUCH more smoothly and my issue was handled immediately.

Next, I had an issue with a check deposit. I recently changed my last name after 3 years of marriage. I still go by my maiden name as well and it is listed as my alt name on all work related and bank documents. When I deposited my check an alert went off that it was going to be "held". I immediately called customer service again.

And again, I was met with another terrible human being. Again, rude, arrogant, and condescending. And without reason- you're a bank service employee give me a break. But I digress, he rudely told me that ALL checks deposited have a 24 hour hold. And funds would be made available to me the next day.

Great.... Not so much. THREE days pass and nothing. I called early that morning and was informed my check was rejected due to a name issue and had been mailed back and would take "5-7 business days to arrive" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Again, I was irate! I have bills to pay and cannot wait 5-7 days for my own check to get back to me. And furthermore, why didn't the lovely employee I spoke with days before inform me of this?? I asked that my check be sent overnight. I was placed on hold for almost 10 minutes before that got figured out.  I'm blown away.

I have concurrently been banking with Bank of America as well for the past 6 years. And sure, there are some issues here and there but I am always treated respectfully. I haven't had issues with depositing checks.. ever!

I'm not waiting for the third strike on wells fargo. I have closed my account and will be exclusively banking with Bank of America. Such a shame too, because we are preparing to purchase a house in the next few months. And we will NOT consider financing with WF!

Story submitted via the Wells Fargo customer complaint form.