Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Was a Vodacom Customer 4 Years -- Then This Happened

I have been a customer with Vodacom for over 4 years. I was now due for an upgrade on 1 October 2015. When I wanted to do the actual upgrade, I contacted the Vodacom Key West branch to assist me. The person that was assisting me informed me that I had a P400 portfolio and I needed a P600 portfolio in order to upgrade.

When I asked what it meant, he said that there is 2 ITC listings on my name and that is the reason why Vodacom cannot upgrade me. I then argued to say that I know that I do not have any listings on my name, he said I can then contact TransUnion to get my report and email it through to them, he can then motivate to say that the information regarding my profile on Vodacom's system is incorrect.

I contacted TransUnion and had to wait 10 working days to get my report, when I received the report, I immediately sent it to Vodacom. The report was completely clear with no defaults, judgements, notarial bonds or trace alerts on my name.

I then waited another 2 days for Vodacom to just get back to me, so I had to phone them to request feedback. Then he said that the ITC report does not suffice and I must contact Experian as well, since there is negative results on my name from Experian as well. I then went back to the drawing board and requested my Experian check as well, which also came back negative with no defaults, judgements, notarial bonds or trace alerts on my name.

I also pulled a RefCheck report on my name which has ITC, Experian as well as XDS results on, which is all negative and completely clear of any listings. After another wait of 3 days, he came back to me to say that Vodacom won't be able to assist me at all.

I then contacted the Vodacom upgrades department to see if they can assist, they were more pathetic than the branch! I dealt with one of the agents called Chantell, who said she will assist me and requested that I send through all the reports with the negative results, which I did. She then never came back to me and I had to contact her again, I left 2 messages for her, as she was not available, upon which she never returned my calls.

I then escalated it to her Manager, Charlene who kept on putting me on hold and eventually put Chantell back on the phone. Charlene did not once try and resolve my query or assist in escalating it to the correct person. Chantell then eventually said they cannot assist me, I asked to then speak to Charlene's boss's boss's boss, Chantell could not even tell me who that person is, how does Vodacom's employees NOT KNOW who they are working for?

If this is what the customer service with Vodacom is, I am absolutely HORRIFIED! I am not a customer trying to do a new application, I am an existing customer trying to keep giving Vodacom business, which they are obviously not interested in. The call centre is actually PATHETIC to say the least and the branch isn't much better. I demand that someone from Vodacom contact me immediately and make sure that I can upgrade.

There is no actual valid reason why this is being declined, as I have 3 reports to show that my name is clear. The lack of responsibility and 'passing the buck' with Vodacom is SHOCKING and HORRENDOUS, I can actually not believe how these people are still in business.