Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sample Complaint Letter to Emirates Airlines

In case you have a complaint that you want to send to Emirates, here is an example of a recent customer letter submitted using their website.

Thank you for your query – we will respond as quickly as possible. For your reference, please find a summary of the information you submitted:

Topic    Feedback
Sub-topic    Complaint
Title    Mr
First name    I****
Last name    P****
Emirates Skywards membership number    00277*******
Email address    I***.P****@*******.COM
Country of residance    United Arab Emirates
Phone number    Mobile: +9** 56*********

Feedback category    -
Booking reference    2OX***
Flight number    EK15

Depature city    Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
Destination    Dubai (DXB)
Departure date    25 Sep 15
Class of travel    Economy
Comments    I have traveled extensively with Emirates over the years since the inception of the airline, both in business class and in economy, due to economics now all economy. However I recently went on a business trip to Holland, and pre booked the seats both ways, since I was traveling back overnight I chose a window seat so as to maximize sleep, as I was traveling out of Dubai again the next night. 

When I arrived at the check in (I was early so at the head of the queue) no problems, seat as chosen was confirmed. However when I got to the gate I was told in no uncertain terms that the seat had changed, when I politely objected I was told and this is the exact terminology " your seat has been changed and if you don't like it cancel and travel on another airline, as I am not doing anything to help you", absolutely charming and with that she stood up gave me a dirty look and stomped off. 

Not wanting to pursue at the time I carried on only to find that when I boarded the flight that somebody else was sat in the seat allocated to me, upon further investigation it appeared that his boarding card had my name on it, so there was two of me on the plane, great security in this day and age, goes to show that you are lacking there as well. any way all was sorted and off we went. I asked the guy, who was traveling alone about the seat issue and he told me he requested a window seat at check in and obviously they gave him mine, WHY?

 He would have checked in after me anyway. When I was disembarking from the flight another gentleman came up and spoke to the stewardess beside me and stated how incredible rude, arrogant, unhelpful, disrespectful etc etc the ground staff were when boarding the flight, my exact sentiment with a few more negatives thrown in. You really should get your act together there.

 Anyway as I said I have been traveling for a long time on your airline but this is the "straw that broke the camels back" (good pun for this area) and I will not be choosing Emirates of my own volition again, ever, my company (multi international worldwide use Emirates here) if they ask again what airline to travel on it will be anything but yours and I will probably be one of the first to change, sad really as you used to try very hard in the past but now guess you don't care it is seats full and that is your strategy.

 Another thing I tried making a complaint yesterday and it would not go since I could not remember my skywards number, and it is not marked as a compulsory field to enter, so no wonder your the worlds best airline as the only people that can complain are those who would probably least do so, your own skywards members, apart from me, and I don't consider myself that as since I rejoined 6 or 7 years ago you still haven't forwarded me the card I only have the email print out, have asked quite a few times only to be fobbed off with yet another feeble excuse, well I wont need it now anyway as like I said have made my final flight, out of choice with Emirates.