Friday, December 4, 2015

This Crazy Wells Fargo Employee Ignores Customers

My last visit of the Wells Fargo San Marino branch was extremely disappointing and would like to bring this matter to your attention so that some disciplinary action(s) can be taken to protect your future customers from this person’s insolent behavior.

The behavior that this person exhibited was grossly unprofessional. I am sure you know that “you” as Wells Fargo Bank are considered a customer service organization therefore, your attention in this is greatly appreciated.

The employee at the branch was helping me with my IRA account which was being transferred from Well Advisory side. While she was helping me she noticed her friend and asked her to come close to her desk so she could help her by showing different check types.

The whole time she was avoiding, ignoring me while I was waiting for her to finish my paperwork. Needless to say, there was no apology from her for the poor service.

My paperwork was done so poorly that I received additional paperwork in the mail to complete. In addition to her unprofessional behavior, she was giving me looks ( the whole time, even to the end when I was getting ready to leave) that I had no explanation for it.

The whole time, she was looking at me with significant attitude and with utmost disrespect. The looks she was giving me were full of hatred and anger. The reason? I do no know.

I encourage you to watch your camera footage and see the level of  anger and hatred she expressed to me. There is not an iota of professionalism in her.

I will pursue this matter if I need to see higher than branch level manager to bring disciplinary action(s) to her behavior. She is unpleasant, ill-mannered, grossly unprofessional, and has no skills.

Then, last week Friday, I called Wells Fargo customer service at exactly at 4PM to talk to a rep. to open an account and the lady was very cheerful and put me on hold and waiting for a rep for a while; and a rep. came on the line and thought I was Patrick and was going over his personal information; and I told him I was not Patrick.

The rep. asked for my cell number and I gave it to him and he would have a rep. call me.  I waited, than I called again at approx. 5PM and this time I spoke with a Daniel and he asked for my number and will have a "Jason" get back to me, are you sure he will call me?  Because, this is the second time I have given my phone number.

Well I waited up to 5:45pm and I called the complaint line at 916-440-4331, and I was not able to leave a message; because the voicemail was full.  I called again, 5:50pm I received voicemail.

Not able to leave message "Voicemail full"  I went ahead and went to BOA and I have not decided to go with them instead.

It gets worse though! Yesterday, I went into my branch located in Succasunna to make a simple cash deposit. 2 tellers working behind the counter and another person doing nothing. There were at least 5 people at desks and the line is growing.

Both tellers are busy one with a change order which she looked incompetent to handle and the other young lady handling both the drive up and a man at the counter that did not speak English. Meantime the girl that does nothing is still doing nothing.

I just want to deposit my cash as I am going to. NYC to the hospital with a sick grown child of mine. After 15 minutes I was annoyed and asked if somebody could handle my transaction and one again was told be right with you.

That's the line that is constantly being used there. Manager came over and just glared at me and I preceded to tell him his customer service sucked and a few more not so nice word, as they all stared at me like I was wrong.

I have been with Wells Fargo and approx 30 years and this is not the way to treat your customers. I worked in banking in the 1970's and our customers were taken care of without hesitation. This branch needs to reevaluate themselves as there is plenty of competition out there.

On Aug 31, 2015 I went to another Wells Fargo branch at 10106 Dorchester Road in Summerville SC. I asked for a personal document to be notarized that was to be sent to the CT. State Police for a background check on myself. The Banker completed the requested task. I do not recall her name.

On Sept 3, I went to the same branch to have my signature notarized for my marriage annulment from the Catholic Church. This document had no legality at all, to anyone. It was only a verified signature needed for my petition.

The Wells Fargo banker went into another room for a good 10 minutes. She returned with a manager. She refused to have the document notarized stating the manager had to be comfortable with the document.

I was perplexed and express a firm concern at the disparagement of notarizing a signature to a State Police Department but not to a Church. The rep was inconsistent with her explanation and when I informed her I was also a notary and there was nothing inappropriate with this request, I left unsatisfied and angry.

I have not been inside for service in almost a year. It's not like I'm a burden. I have been a customer with one of smaller accounts at Wells Fargo for many years.  I am also a retired FINRA Registered Rep and find their corporate management style nothing I would accept from my Assistants or operations.

The managers reasoning at the least is convoluted and not any standard of customer service. I suggest you conduct more firm reviews. 

With this experience; I am looking to take my personal accounts to another bank as well.

Please let me know if this matter requires face to face meeting since I am welling to do so.