Monday, March 28, 2016

Already My 2016 Toyota Tundra TSS Making Transmission Noises

I have been a loyal costumer of Toyota for several years now. I bought 4 vehicles from them in the past 5 years. I recently traded my 2014 tundra platinum for a 2016 TSS tundra. But now I have a complaint to report against this company. From the moment I drove off the lot, I could hear a funny noise under the truck.

I called the salesperson back and explain that there was a noise under the truck. She told me to bring the truck back to the service department to be checked. I took the truck to be checked and the service manager told me that all the 2016 tundras have this noise and it nothing he can do about it.

He did not look at the truck. He just assume that it was brakes noise. I left without the issue being resolved. I went back several times and all I got was the runaround. Finally I contacted Toyota financial and they contact Toyota of Plano dealer.

This when they arraigned for a specialist to look at my truck and decided that the truck need a transmission. It took this long and me being labeled as a trouble maker. I'm paying about $40,000 for my truck and I should just drive it and shut up and not have to worry about transmission problems.

Now while my truck was at the dealer, it got damaged by a hail storm. Now Toyota when me to pay for a lemon truck which is now damage. The value of me truck has now went down. It has only 1,300 miles.