Monday, March 21, 2016

Contacted CenturyLink Customer Service with More Complaints

Contacted CenturyLink to make changes in my account. Attempted to give the first representative information (home phone number, phone number to get in contact with in the event we got disconnected and account number) I had to reiterate all three, three separate times to no avail.

I asked representative for someone else to speak with and was met with horror in her voice. Second representative I could not understand and asked for someone else to talk to as she could not understand the same information I gave the first rep.

The second representative refused to transfer me to someone else and told me that there was no one else there. I asked for a supervisor and was left on hold for 20 plus minutes, with no conclusion. Absolutely the worst customer service. Horrible company, every time I try to get in touch with someone, this happens.