Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dear AT&T Corporate Headquarters -- You Suck

I had a landline phone so I decided to get the internet, well they bundled me with the uverse phone, internet and direct tv all together. I've had direct tv for almost 11 years. When I started having problems with the AT&T uverse phone the same day I got it. They sent a tech guy the next day to resolve the situation.

Days later we had to keep resetting the uverse box because the phone kept saying off line. Then I found out if I lose power the uverse phone doesn't work. I have a situation where i have to have a house phone working at all times. On March 18th I put in an order to go back to land line phone. I was promised to have my landline phone on March the 22nd, didn't happen.

Now I don't have a house phone at all because my uverse phone was cut off. Ultimately, this is just poor service and a lack of guidance. This is Friday March the 25th. I have been calling at&t since 7pm on Friday March the 25th, I been put on hold 3 times, Hung up on 6 times. everyone telling me they can fix the problem but nothing happened.

It's now 10:43 pm and still on hold with the support hotline. I'm pissed and wished I had stayed with Charter. AT&T customer service is terrible, including managers. A lesson learned.