Monday, March 21, 2016

Problems with Parts Recall on Toyota Corolla

I made an appointment to fix the two recalls on my Toyota Corolla for Thursday at 10:30 am. Because I'm disabled and unable to get into your vans that take us home, I had AAA take my car in. Also I gave my phone number my new one since we moved, about three times.

I wanted them to not put in any air bag as I'm 4'4" and have a disability and Amanda who I spoke with at DCH Toyota of Simi Valley wanted a doctors note. I called my doctor gave the secretary at the doctors the fax number to contact Amanda. This was Thursday morning on the morning the car was dropped off. No call at all and called there three times.

Was told Amanda would call me back in which again I left my phone number. After calling about every two hours to find out if my car is done yet, by 4 pm I finally talked to Amanda who told me my car is not done and has been sitting there just waiting. I told her at that time to forget about the doctor and go ahead and finish it anyway.

Now Friday still no calls so again I called. I talked to Amanda again around 4 again and she said I will have it done by tomorrow Saturday. Today, still no call and I called only to be told to leave a message for Amanda. I did. Now, being disabled doesn't mean my car can't have it fixed. To do everyone's else's before mine just because I'm disabled.

I have a life. I missed one day of work because they held the car. I have work on Monday and my daughter who is Down syndrome has doctor appointments I want my car back today Saturday, 3/19/2016. Done or not!