Monday, March 21, 2016

Reporting a Problem with Hertz Rental Car Company

We rented a car and drove it to hotel on 3/14 due to our arrival time. On 3/15 we headed to napa valley and the car had a low tire so we had to find a place to get air which cost $5. During the trip the brakes made a grinding sound each time we used them.

On our way back our GPS rerouted us and we were going up and down hills and the brakes were grinding so loud and it would take longer than necessary to stop. Once we got back o hotel we called to get the car replaced with another one. We were told the tow truck driver would take us to pick up another one.

He refused and after that I talked to at least 10 people that night and the next am trying to get another car. We were without a vehicle from 6:30 on the 15th to 10;30 on the 16th before someone finally authorized a car delivery to us.

We talked to individuals that barely spoke English the hertz company at the airport would not ever answer the phone and each person kept saying they could not authorize getting a replacement car. I have no idea who finally got something done but we thank them.

We will no use hertz again and I feel I should have a days rental taken off since we were unable to go get anything to eat the night they took the car and we lost four hours the next am to be able to leave for any excursions. I also feel that even though it's only $5 for air that should be reimbursed as well. Your cars should be safe and the one we had definitely was not.

The brakes could have completely given way and we could have been injured or killed. You have at least ten people who are totally incompetent answering your phones. If they have no authorization to assist a customer or they choose to hang up and not return calls then they need to be fired or retrained to know how to assist your customers.