Monday, March 21, 2016

Filing a Complaint Against My Toyotal Dealership

On 3/5/16 I walk into one of your dealer shop in Fordham in the Bronx to check for an highlander ex. I meet one of the dealer name issah baba very nice and respectful man. So he ask me what kind of car I want. What is my budget I told him. So he ran my credit and told me what he can offer but it wasn't fitting my budget.

Issah said to me I will try my best to get you the best offer call me in couple days. So I call him he ask me to came in and speak with the finance man. So on 3/19/16 I showed up so we could finish up the deal but I was still not convinced with the deal. So one of your finance man which I can remember the name because they never wear a name tag. But I describe him as 5.5 black Hispanic very nice man too.

After we tell me the deal I told him no this is not what I ask for so you know let just end this because I have to leave my kids are in the babysitter. So he went on and said let me bring you our general manager who can assist you further.

Waiting in that room here came this guy named Junior Mancelo with all his argument this is a good car, we need you to take this deal then I ask him to give me all the details of everything since his the general manager so from there we will negotiate. Mr junior said "my computer is down just tell me what you want so I repeat myself again he shouted no no no not possible than I said ok.

This is just a business if my budget doesn't fit just tell me in a nice way. So felt offended I said to him it was nice working with you. I will look somewhere else. Mr junior called me back and said " listen here I can't let my deal go down like this so if you don't take this deal.

I will take your information and send it to all the banks and tell them not to give you a car because you will use it for a taxi and I am telling you as a dealer. " so you can't go somewhere it's either this deal or no car. Then I said to him stop there and I ask him ARE YOU Threatening me.

So he look at me and keep quiet then I said to him now I am calling the police since as a general manager this is how you treat customers. When he went on and said let ask Issah baba. We ask him and he said these customers never said its for taxi you are laying on them.

Thats when I found out he wasn't the general manager either he was just a sale manager. So since argument escalated Jose conception introduced him sell as the General Manager.

So us of now I have a video and pictures that I am going to use to sue Toyota. This is my complaint and I am taking it further.