Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Green Line the Display

I have bought a galaxy S7 on 19th March 2016 at Doha, Qatar. On 27th March 2016, all of a sudden, to my surprise I saw a green color line on the display, right from top to bottom of the screen. I have immediately reported this complaint to the service center and a service order # 4179570146 was raised, requesting for a replacement.

I understand and acknowledge your 7 days replacement policy but this is a case which should be considered. There was no abuse with the device. It is very obvious that it is a manufacturing fault. It is unfortunate that the fault was discovered on the 8th day.

Then battery started losing charge fast I put it to my face one day and it burnt my cheek. I too it to Sprint were I was informed it was a bad phone and to get in contact with Samsung otherwise I would basically have to pay 250 on a phone I just paid over 400 dollars for.

Samsung has in no way tried to get in contact with me to resolve this issue I have left a voicemail daily that can reaches at and I haven't heard anything from you guys. The phone has green and pink lines it shuts down on its on and it overheats to ridiculous amounts of heat, I've expressed my concerns of the phone blowing up in my face or while I'm sleeping. It is such a hazard I and I cant see why no one is treating it as such.

I feel I've been to nice about this but now I need results I'm scared to leave the phone on I have to turn it completely off to cool it down its no way to live. If someone could get in touch with ASAP.

I've spoken with several managers who have promptly let me know its out of their hands and that all I can do is leave a voicemail on the Office of the President line (which is only a mail box service at their convenience ) I wait long periods to just be let down. I find it appalling that that managers aren't  knowledgeable in any areas.

Long story short I would life this situation to be over I have never dealt with a more unorganized company in my life. Not willing to take responsibility for a simply malfunction clearly on their part. I will never buy again for fear of no help whatsoever. Please get in contact with me. I'm tired of living in fear that the phone is going to blow up in my hand , while i'm sleep , or by my face this situation is very scary and serious. 

I expected from a company like Samsung to consider this and replace this faulty device. I have never expected this with a latest product with all latest technology.

Samsung UAE, had responded that they cannot replace the device but will fix the display. I am requesting for a replacement.