Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cheap Home Depot Cuts Discounts to Military Veterans

As a home owner for years I always thought Home Depot was the place to do all my business. Now Living in Las Vegas NV my home needed thousands of dollars in upgrades. From appliances to flooring to paint, light fixtures, carpeting, plumbing, sinks the list goes on.

I have at one time been given a 10% discount by Home depot for being a veteran. Yes Vietnam vet the forgotten ones. Many died for a political war with solders coming home to no respect.

Well that's how home depot treats their Vets now. Just recently I went to Buy $180.00 of electrical supplies and my discount was 68 cents for Military. I was so shocked that I left the merchandised in the wagon and left the store. They give discounts to everyone, just not those who gave it all.

Your competition Lowe's gives 10% to service men Vets on every purchase. They also give 5% to any customer any day of the week.

Now I am writing this complaint to you so you wake up and smell the coffee. Your store is loosing money by being cheap and disrespectful to Vets.

Thank God Lowe's knows who is and has put their lives on the line to keep America free and safe.
Signed a Veteran of Millions who served and refuse to buy at Home Depot.