Monday, March 21, 2016

Terrible Sam's Club Customer Service in Bristol, VA

Yesterday, march 19, 2016, I accompanied my daughter in law to the nearest Sams Club to shop in BRISTOL, VA, approximately 30 miles travel. After getting home and putting groceries away, It was discovered that the Broccoli Cheese soup was out of date by one MONTH. Sherri has the club membership. We shopped together and the grocery bill was $335.98.

Sherri has been in advanced Nursing College for the last 4+years and my money paid for groceries to feed my grand sons. Today Sherri gave me the receipt to return the out of date soup. I was allowed into Sam's Club, Bristol, VA and directed to the Return Desk. I presented the item along with the receipt.

The Service lady told me she could not accept a trade out for the soup without Sherri's card and drivers license. Now, I had driven over 30 miles to exchange the soup. I was shocked that no exceptions were made, the fact that I was with her and helped her pay for groceries.She told me the lady with her was a manager and she said not to exchange.

I would like the $12.99 + VA tax back/refunded. I am utterly disappointed in the way I was treated. I would not have  brought the soup and the receipt with me if I was not present the previous day. I used to have a Club membership but did not save due to location from my home over 30 miles) I should be refunded for the gas I spent in good faith to return the item. 

I also explained that Sherri was out of town, now a NURSE PRACTITIONER with busy and long hours of working. and I could call her to get her ID information, for the information they needed.

Again...she refused. I walked away angry and vow to NEVER step foot into a SAM'S Club again.  NOT accepting the OUT of DATE item when I had the receipt is unacceptable. Please resolve this issue and refund is expected.