Monday, March 21, 2016

Reporting Facebook Hate Speech to Corporate Office

Facebook posted update on news section of the murdered 14 year old daughter of her Father also found murdered one week prior in their home.  A Facebook user commented using hate speech, racism because the Father and daughter were of Mexican decent.

I respectfully asked the person who made this comment to please respect the murdered and their families suggesting he remove this racist comment.   He reported 'me' and I was given a 24 block which was so unfair I did nothing (underscore nothing) wrong!

In the Facebook rules it states to please encourage respectful behavior that is exactly what I did but they punish me anyway.  I am back on Facebook after a 24 hour block but still cannot comment, post anything at all for a further 24 hours.  

The information sent to us as to consequences is completely wrong and there is no recourse at all to report the incident as I did numerous times you never get a response from FB because it operates itself.

So I am also warned that in future if this happens again I my account will be deleted for good. I'm thinking HUH? What is wrong with Facebook systems?