Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Very Rude PETCO Store Employee in San Dimas, CA

I went to your guys San Dimas location with my husband and toddler to purchase a $5 fish for my daughter. When we asked for help, we were greeted by a female snarky, lethargic employee who didn't have a name badge on.

When we told her which fish we wanted she walked half way to get the tools needed to get the fish out, when she suddenly stopped and asked us "What size tank are we putting the fish in?" So we replied a 2 gallon tank we had just purchased from your store.

Once we said that, we received attitude and a what seemed like a "lesson" on how to properly inhabit fish. She went on to tell us that she was "uncomfortable" selling us the fish because we could only afford a 2 gallon tank.

I am a Petco Pals reward member and have been for the past few years and I shop at your guys location often for my cats, rabbit, dogs and other fish but have never felt so disrespected or ashamed.

The manner in which she spoke to me made me feel incapable of both raising a fish or buying a bigger tank. She not only talked me and my husband out of a purchase but also made us never want to visit that particular location again.

And once again, she was not wearing a name badge or else I would love to have plastered her name all over this email so I know who to blame for the way I feel right now. She was wearing a yellow shirt and was working on April 27th 2016 around 12:30-1 pm. Once very disappointed and we will be going elsewhere to purchase our pet needs.