Monday, July 11, 2016

One Angry AAdvantage American Airlines Member

I am one angry AAdvantage member.  Today, I tried to book a one way ticket from Denver to San Jose, Costa Rica online at your website.  I got to the step Pay and Review, then tried to get to the final step by clicking on finish. Here is my complaint and why I hate all the airlines now.

Nothing happened and I clicked on it several times.  I started over and got to the Pay and Review step with the same result.  Then, a message came on saying "system error, please wait a while and try again" which I did and got a repeat of the system error message. 

I then called the number suggested on that message and talked to tech support.  Wilma there talked me through going to "my trip" on the website and the attendant steps to pay for the ticket that route.  Same result, "system error."  I called back and again talked to Wilma who told me to do the same thing.  I told her that wasn't working.

Finally, after a long wait, she came back on the line and told me the website was not working.  Then, she said she would transfer me to another representative who would handle my payment over the phone.  More waiting on hold.  The reservation agent took my credit card info and then said he'd need to put me on hold.  More waiting. 

When he came back, By this time, I was angry.  I asked the agent for an upgrade for all this aggravation and he said he wasn't authorized to do that.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  James told me he would complete my booking, but that he couldn't upgrade me either, but that he was going to waive the $35 telephone ticketing service fee.

Thanks a lot since I couldn't pay for the ticket otherwise since the website wasn't working correctly.  He then said he would credit l500 frequent flier miles to my AAdvantage account.

When the receipt came through on my email, there was a $35 charge for the phone ticketing service! I called back and the reservationist told me the $35 charge was for the l,,500 miles  Talk about a comedy of errors. When I complained, I was connected with supervisor Denise who said she would take off the $35.  She was cavalier when I requested an upgrade for all my aggravation.

I've heard some of the concerns about AA costing folks hundreds of $ and today I got mine.  I needed a simple flight change because a meeting was moved.  The flight is not for two days and I needed to move it out a week.  I bought the more expensive tickets up front so I didn't have to pay the $200.00 flight change fee (it sure doesn't cost them anything).

All was good till I asked about the additional $151.00 I paid in extra leg room charges.  AA puts those in their pocket and then resells the seats. Supervisor Ollie Foster of Raleigh NC, told me that's the way it is, and she can't do anything but say that is the rule.  I had also bought the trip insurance on their website (the first time ever for that) and then found I'd only be covered if the trip was canceled because I was fired or laid off.  Bottom line, I was ripped off for $200.00 by AA.

I wrote a letter to American Airlines and expressed my disappointment in a trip to California for the Christmas holidays. My luggage was lost going to California and I spent 9 days without my belongings. The customer service people assured me that my luggage would be delivered to me and this never happen.

The 9th day I returned to the airport to find my luggage in a holding area. On my return trip back to Cincinnati my luggage was lost again and it was actually delivered to me. I am a disabled person and I received a letter back from your representative expressing the same sentiments that the people did on the phone when I could get through to someone.

After a 10 day vacation disaster I would think you would do more than say you understand. The AA ref# 1-5271123442 I was watching the news last week and the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback had the same problem. What's going on with customer service!

I would suggest you review the recordings of these conversations and see how your various personnel handled this situation.  I felt that almost all involved were stonewalling, apologizing, apologizing, apologizing, but not really doing anything in a material way to resolve my complaint.

Good customer service is such an emphasis of businesses now that I am shocked that this incident was handled so poorly, not at all up to the standards I have experienced over the years with American Airlines.  I organize and lead nature tours, so I and my groups fly frequently on AA and your OneWorld partners, particularly Qantas.

I thought you would like to know about this situation.  What should have been a simple act of booking a ticket online took about two hours what with being put on hold and led on a wild goose chase with no real acknowledgement by your staff of how infuriating it was and no quarter in trying to make up for it in any substantial way. This incident leaves me with a bad feeling about AA.