Sunday, July 10, 2016

Outsource Microsoft Customer Service in India is Not Good

I tried to set up a Microsoft account to download a free candy crush game, and was prompted to set up a Microsoft account, choose a password, which I did, then they asked about credit card information, which I did not provide. Here is my complaint. The site said I did not provide enough information, but you did slap an access to my computer password on my start page.

I haven't been able to access my computer, when I call for assistance, they claim I have to have access to a computer, when I'm on my work computer they say, no you have to be on the home computer, I've been getting the run around for a few days now.

I finally reached somebody who said he would give me a case number and if I were to call back today from my work computer, he would have a message for his people with the info on the case number.

When I called the next day the guy from what I assume is in Calcutta said "no that's an invalid number" and told me I had to drive my computer down to Bloomington Mn. to have them restore my access, this is about 375 mile trip.

I think Microsoft should hire people who aren't as computer illiterate as I am, since they're supposed to assist people. As a result, i'll take my computer back to best buy and have the factory settings re-set. in the future I will try to avoid anything "Microsoft".