Monday, July 25, 2016

Angry Over Best Buy Return Problems

I wanted to express my displeasure with a Best Buy return problem. My husband and myself purchased an Over the Range Microwave for Christams on Dec. 20 (order BBY01-774861021619). With the Holidays and having other appliances being delivered, we did not take out of the box until mid January.

When opened the microwave had a big dent on the front left side. We immediately called the 800 number and they advised that it would take several days to get a return label and we could take the microwave back to a store(unfortunately we chose store #390 Mansfield, OH). It went downhill from there. We had a couple of snowstorms and did not take back till Jan. 21, approximately 6:00 PM.

The original employee said it was outside the return window, even though we have Best Buy elite status and there was nothing that could be done. They said it did not matter what the 800 number told us, and there was no way to do anything.

I was a retail manager at Sears for over 20 years and have never had such poor customer service from a store in my life. When we asked to speak to a manager, the employee went over and brought out a "manager" named Brian. This man was most rude and said there is no way to take the item back.

 My husband said, "You guys are nuts for not handling such an easy problem". The "manager" Brian started yelling at us and said he has never been so insulted in all is life".

He threatened to call the police and have us escorted out of the store and stormed off to another area of the store with out as much as an apology for the damaged item. WE continued to wait at the customer service desk for over another hour and a half. We called the 800 number and spoke to a young lady and was unfortunately disconnected. I called back and talked to a gentleman named Austin (terrific young man who is an asset to your company).

Austin apologized, looked up the order and saw where we had called in the damaged item. We asked if he would try to call the store and rectify the situation. As we stood there waiting we heard the phone ring and a young lady named Ashley put it on hold. We witnessed this several times. After having Austin on the phone for a long time, I asked if he would try to call one more time.

He explained he keeps getting put on hold. We made it a point to speak up loudly and wonder why he keeps getting put on hold, knowing everyone behind the counter knows it is the 800 number calling because we are standing right there on our cell phone.

As we are standing,finally the girl picks up the phone and we see her go to get someone. After nearly two hours in the store standing at the counter, a manager named Milt comes along while I am on the phone. Austin explains that he should be there shortly. Milt asks what the problem is and explains our options,

1. get a store credit or exchange it. At this point we were not going to give any business to this store. I even made it a point to verify the store credit would be good in any Best Buy. We buy many products from Best Buy and will continue to do so, but will never visit store #390 again. The supposed manager named Brian has NO business in customer service, has no manager skills, and was very rude.

Our praise goes to Austin at the 800 number who went above and beyond great customer service. He was as surprised as we were for the store not handling the situation. You need more individuals like Austin on board and less of unprofessional ones like Brian. A situation that should have been an easy fix, to a disgruntled customer for life.