Monday, July 25, 2016

Indiana Honda Dealership Caught Using Deceptive Sales Practices

The auto dealership Victory Honda of Muncie, in Muncie Indiana is notorious for trying to push auto services onto their customers. Case in point is the Honda Fit. This dealership informs their customers that they need to have a power steering flush.  The Honda Fit uses Electronic Powering Steering System.

This means there is no need for a power steering fluid flush due to it being electronic. They are selling services to customers that are not warranted.  This unethical business practice stems from the general manager Terry Bumgardner and trickles down to his services advisors Mike Raatz and Derek Snider.

I believe this is unfair and unethical to treat their paying customers in such a manor. There is no telling what other unwarranted services are being sold and how many thousands of dollars they have ripped off from their customers.

I believe they use this tactic in order to meet their sales goal and gain their bonuses to pad their wallets. It is appalling to know this is happing to their customers.  American Honda needs to terminate their business contact with this dealership and Cappo Management who owns this dealership.

This dealership is giving American Honda company a bad reputation. Because of this dealership I will never buy another Honda product.  Thank you for your concern in this important matter.